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    85' 90 rz350 fzr1000
  1. duckhunter

    1988 Yamaha FZR 1000 plastic

    PM me your email and I will send you the rest of the Pic and we can talk price
  2. duckhunter

    1988 Yamaha FZR 1000 plastic

    yea I still got them, here they are:
  3. duckhunter

    1988 Yamaha FZR 1000 plastic

    Let me know I am up by Cleveland, I have a bunch of pictures
  4. duckhunter

    1988 Yamaha FZR 1000 plastic

    I have a brand new upper and both lowers and front fender pieces in blue and white. they are brand new in OEM box. One lower has never even been taken out of the box. I want these to go to a person who appreciates vintage superbikes.
  5. duckhunter

    Saturday Ride: 11/5/11 Temp~60

    I am in! The old RZ don't like the cold but Hell lets do it. Where we meeting again? <<<<<<< I suffer from CRS
  6. duckhunter

    Isle of Man TT

    Ok we are on. Me and a buddy canceled this year we are doing Daytona bike week instead, get the details for next year, lets stay on the isle 4 or 5 days then maybe Dublin 2 or 3. Lets get a bunch of people if they are intrested
  7. duckhunter

    Isle of Man TT

    Only problem is almost 3 hr boat ride to Isle. During the TT there are 31,000 people and only 2000 rooms on the isle so there isn't many options. Avg weather is highs of 58 and lows in the 40's so there is no way i am camping on the isle. Look it up on Travelocity. Bunch of options from 1400-2000 grand
  8. duckhunter

    Isle of Man TT

    Anybody been there? A couple of us were thinking of going this year. Fly into Dublin and take the ferry over. Any advice? For seven days we are looking about $1500 for hotel and airfare.
  9. duckhunter

    Benefit for Proud Pops (Jeff)

    There is a couple of us from up here in Cleveland that know Jeff from our Mid-Ohio times. Could somebody PM me his address so we can send a card. A couple of us are going to try and come down for the event next weekend.
  10. duckhunter

    Mid-Ohio August 3-5

    The Yamaha Peeps from Cleveland will be there Thur. Night. Hopefully they let us in early like last year. Pops, you got the Trantulla Right?
  11. duckhunter

    Hyd. Clutch won't pressurize - RC51

    Team Paskey? it should be Team Tarantula!!!!
  12. duckhunter

    Mid-Ohio #2

    Who is in for Mid Ohio #2? First one was a blast I know pops will be there we should all meet up. A couple of us Cleveland boys will be doing some serious boozing like usual along with some boobs and beads!
  13. duckhunter

    Clutch @ MidOhio Today

    T says Hi and the trick is to not drink 20 beers during the course of the day!!!!!
  14. duckhunter

    Clutch @ MidOhio Today

    Lets just say I dont have long hair and its usually my girl thats the train wreck cause of you. We are looking forward to the 2nd Mid-ohio, hopefully it will be even crazier. I just can't start drinking at 6 in the morning!
  15. duckhunter

    Clutch @ MidOhio Today

    Pops, relax a little I have never seen you this crazy in all the years of Mid-Ohio. You need some Tarantula!!!!! Remember none for the girls this next time.