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  1. Ended up just picking up a bell moto 9 carbon flex for about $300. With the holidays, travel ect i had to get something ordered. Ill hit up riders discount for the rest of the stuff i need.
  2. Iron pony isnt local anymore and their website sucks. Found some good deals on riders discount but wanted to know if there is anywhere else i should look. Where do you shop online for mx gear?
  3. Whats the best deal on a MX helmet in large? Looks like there might be so awesome bell closeouts but says to call to check inventory. Any good brand would do shoei, arai, agv, bell suomy, ect
  4. I am going to try and do both, but the south is turning into lower Jersey. I guess we will see how I like it up there. Its really weird because everyone is a blond and my daughter sticks out like a sore thumb. Fortunatley I am grey so they dont know I am an outsider
  5. looks like there are a couple places to catch the ferry to go up there. I have so much packing researching and crap to do that I havent read much about it yet
  6. we will be on the Keweenaw penninsula, by Michigan Tech. Its going to be a big task since we donated most of our winter stuff when we left Columbus and got rid of our AWD vehicles. Actually I dont even have a car anymore.
  7. 240 is average where we will be I think the record is 390. Trails are everywhere. So lots of powder, I guess track length would come into play and I need to look at amps for heated gear.
  8. It's like every manufacturer has 30 models. Seems like lots of trail riding and frozen lakes.
  9. Thanks Ben. I'm gonna have to actually get a car/truck too. Haven't had one in almost a year now.
  10. Well all these fuckers from new jersey have turned the south into shit. So I am trading the beach for 20 feet of snow. Anyone well versed in snowmobiles?
  11. Yes Phaseout MAGI between 130-160k Over 160k no deduction
  12. That is for single filers. Many people, making more than 80k are married.
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