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  1. bambam

    Hey Tpoppa

    Pretty good cheers, doing my thing in the Pacific Northwest . . . (corporate claptrap, saving for my retirement). I had a Multistrada (air-cooled) up til earlier this year, but realized I hadn't ridden it for a while so sold it. So no bike as of now. Riding's nice out here, Mountains, gorges, and vistas . . . but I miss those long days on the endless SE Ohio twisties. Sigh . . . How you doin'?
  2. bambam

    Hey Tpoppa

    It felt less like you chasing, and more like you following politely until it was time to pass and leave me in the dust . . . My memory of you Tony, is pretty much as a dot in the far distance.
  3. bambam

    Hey Tpoppa

    Jacob Hawkins, it's brilliant for me to see this bike still giving value in it's natural environment. As you obviously know: I rode her for a lot of miles before Pauly - she loves the track, but has a groovy time on the street too. Looks like you're pushing her nice and hard - just how she likes it. Cheers!! Thanks for the great pics.
  4. bambam

    Hey Tpoppa

    I just bloody wet my pants!
  5. bambam

    Ride to the Gap....opinions?

    Almost sixty....? with liberal rounding I suppose. I agree with TPoppa, driving a cage past all those gorgeous roads, to get to the gap is just depressing. I cannot understand how anyone could pass up the chance to ride through Dollywood...
  6. bambam

    Ducati 899

    He he ... Hi Tim, I cannot stay away from this board even though I've relocated to Washington state. The drama here is irresistible - even a seemingly harmless subject like this. Pauly has my old supersport now, so Isabella continues to scare the Amish at every opportunity, consequently I still feel a tangible connection with you yokels. As for the new Ducati, I'd take one if you're offering, but I ain't giving up my Multistrada.
  7. bambam

    Ducati 899

    :-( No choice... I've been riding a fair bit with a BMW group lately.
  8. bambam

    2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200

    That is a fantastic price for this bike. I had the good fortune to ride a 1200 this past weekend. Not Hoblick's but basically the same bike. It is a stunner - that engine coupled with the handling and configurability puts it in a class of its own. I thought my aircooled Multi was pretty grunty, but the water cooled bike is in a different world. Good luck with the sale, by roghts it should sell fast.Someone is going to be walking on air when they land that beauty.
  9. bambam

    Any It Consultants Here?

    First rule of IT Consultants, no Q&A without a contract in place. Sorry mate, it's for your own good.
  10. bambam

    Funny picture thread.

    Don't be dense. It is obviously referring to beating. It is just not funny. If you think beating women is funny, it's really not. (edited to remove foul language)
  11. bambam

    Anyone Else Get Called Paranoid For Prepping

    Crazy Mike's original post has inspired me to put together a simple provisions kit. The same day I read his post I was trapped in a traffic roadblock for a few hours while the Washington DOT blasted loose rocks off a mountain pass. Thousands of vehicles were stopped, and eventually turned back in the early hours of the morning without easy access to alternative routes. It was a relatively small inconvenience, but I had been on the road for 13 hours and now had to get over some serious mountain passes at the dead of night, so it just started me thinking about what could have gone wrong. Did I mention there was dynamite? And Army tanks!? Speedytriple is certainly a bit off his rocker, but the principle is sound anyway. So thanks Mike.
  12. bambam

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2013

    Hey,I'm working in Seattle right now - did a nice 450 mile run in The Cascades (Mt St Helens and Rainier national park) just this Sunday. How long will you be out here?
  13. bambam

    Women From London And Paris

    Harmless on the face of it, and some of the shots are quite nice. Why does the whole series disturb me though? There is something weird and intrusive about it. Don't take photos like this anymore. Get help.
  14. bambam

    I am faster than you all

    Brits do seem to think they're a bit special and their conversation tends to reflect that attitude.
  15. bambam

    Ever get the Heebie-Jeebies?

    I wouldn't worry about it then. Probably some random entity occupying you for a moment.