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  1. I read the books. The episode was less bloody then I expected.
  2. Probably limp wristing. My uncle had that problem with his in one of my CCW classes. I corrected it and mocked him for it. I think the walther's are prone to it due to being a straight blow back.
  3. Actually, I think the bigger thing is he'll probably retire soon. He's been threatening it at least since the last class I took from him 7 years ago. Hmm. Maybe I'll change my plans and do this class after all.
  4. Didn't realize he wasn't in Marietta anymore.
  5. He's on my list as well. As is another class with Ken, Vickers, Lamb, Gunsite, TDI, etc...
  6. Christ, I reread that and that post sure sounds like a fanboy. My intent was to educate that there is more to training out there than then latest thing you've heard of on facebook.
  7. Not to be argumentative, but he more than meets your requirements. He's been one of the top names in firearms training for a good 35+ years. I'm actually surprised that you've never heard of him. In terms of having BTDT, Ken was Vietnam era SF. Co-Founded IPSC & IDPA. He was one of part of the original cadre of instructors at Gunsite under Jeff Cooper (you've heard of him, right?). Still an active LE SWAT officer. He's been contracted to instruct for Delta, various SF groups, German Anti-Terror Units, etc.. I'd venture to guess he's probably taught more US spec ops forces than any
  8. He is. While he's very much an old school kind of guy (reminds me of my 83 year old grumpy ass kung fu teacher), he still keeps up with the latest/greatest and modifies his approach accordingly.
  9. Hack does a great class. I don't know what's better, the gun instruction, or the new colorful phrases you'll learn from him. I might sign up for that class. It's been too long since I've done any.
  10. Yes, but you'll need to find one that has bottom metal for that built in. Any of the chassis systems should get you there, Accuracy International ACIS, XLR, Mcree etc.. If you want more of a stock based thing, look at the Manners stock with mini chassis. All the ones I just mentioned all use AI mags. HS Precision has their own mag system thats available in ready to go stocks.
  11. I think we only have an AK pistol in the shop, besides the two SBR AK's we picked up for full auto conversions. If anything reasonably priced comes in I'll shoot you a PM.
  12. I highly recommend checking buckeyefirearms.org at least semi-annually to keep track of what is going on. They've only changed the law pushing a half dozen times since it's been enacted. Too many folks walk around carrying guns while ignorant of what the current law is.
  13. OP & anyone confused on recent law changes, I always suggest reading the law. In this case ORC 2923.16 I've gone to the liberty of highlighting salient sections for you. © No person shall knowingly transport or have a firearm in a motor vehicle, unless the person may lawfully possess that firearm under applicable law of this state or the United States, the firearm is unloaded, and the firearm is carried in one of the following ways: (1) In a closed package, box, or case; (2) In a compartment that can be reached only by leaving the vehicle; (3) In plain sight and secured in a rack or hold
  14. I had a type 3 AC separation, borderline type 4. Physical therapy will be fine, but you'll need to really stay on top of the PT exercises in some form or another forever to keep yourself pain free. After a few months of PT, you'll be fine to ride. I think I was out from like the beginning/middle of July to early Sept. In terms of exercise, a bunch of stuff like dips will be off the table forever. Also, you may have to give up benchpress. As far as martial arts goes, wait a few months after you are done with PT before you do any heavy striking or really exert the shoulder. You'll
  15. pm me about the couples class. We've had to develop new rules due to couples attending classes together.
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