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  1. fusion

    Ha! In your face MAC users!

    You mean other than the fact that they provide Malware protection and shit tons of malware support available? Mac's are for people who are too dumb to own a PC.
  2. fusion

    Ha! In your face MAC users!

    Learn to Google fucktard...
  3. fusion

    Ha! In your face MAC users!

    Diebold's security notoriously sucks FWIW
  4. fusion

    Ha! In your face MAC users!

    You mean like with nearly all malware?
  5. fusion

    Ha! In your face MAC users!

    and Apple won't even help you. http://gizmodo.com/5803498/apple-to-customer-service-dont-help-our-customers-with-malware
  6. Good thing I don't vote Democrat. Don't vote Republican either...or Libertarian...or Independent.
  7. Anyone that buys Yamaha products is a supporter of communism.
  8. George Bush is an American (????) Socialist?
  9. fusion


    You don't need a case for your Droid X. Mine has been through a ton and only has a few scratches on it.
  10. fusion


    It's Twosday!!!!!
  11. fusion

    and that's how the fight started

    jbot is my mostest stupid fucking retarded thread starter evar.
  12. fusion

    I'm officially in bizarro world...

    Ah gotcha, makes sense.
  13. fusion

    I'm officially in bizarro world...

    Nothing wrong with talking about some of the more common sense and public knowledge portions of these types of things...
  14. fusion

    I'm officially in bizarro world...

    a) I was making a point by comparing the two. b) you basically just said what I said - "they are allowed more free reign over their portions of the operations, and their input on the overall scope and direction is valued based on the experience". This is generally true of most peoples roles in any decent organization.
  15. fusion

    I'm officially in bizarro world...

    Saying "very" here is an overstatement of their involvement. Involved at some point sure, but only when needed and to the extent needed. There is ton that goes on that teams aren't very aware of at all because it doesn't impact their role. There's a reason they were training on a mock up without knowing who they were going after initially. There are a lot of details that in the end don't impact the ground team's job. There are probably 100's of people that were involved that at the time didn't know what they were playing a role in and won't ever be considered for any credit in the operation. I'm not sure what you "could not let this go" since it's apparent you don't realize just the extent of what it takes for an operation like this and how the teams can't be "very involved in all stages of their operations". They wouldn't actually have time to perform their role if they had to deal with being involved in every aspect. That was kind of my point.