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  1. well i was going to give you a detailed layout of the track and its amenities but sounds like that not needed anymore.. PS the pavement isnt sketchy we are all laping at the best times we ever have there... the fastest dudes out there are within 0.5 seconds of the lap record.. the only time the surface is more or less different is in the true wet... toss a set of rains on and get to it.. you'll be fine, ive raced on DOT's in the rain there that was sketchy but another story.. there are no power or water hook ups though you can dump on site and flush with the grattan water... dont drink it you can RV camp there they charge i dont remember how much there is power in the garages usually 50 a day.. cash they are sticklers. the showers are hot and suprisingly good the bathrooms are cleaned nightly and well the track staff are super friendly and love having a good time with customers after hours... they truly are characters though i absolutely love the track, and about everything about it. yes pitt is one of the best tracks in the country and my personal favorite sure nelson has newer track surface but ou asked about grattan so there a go
  2. correct the brake pads and the fluid temps change the lever feel over the course of a race.. a typical track day dude.. even advanced will not notice the fade unless their pads or fluids are OLD. even at the higher paces during the 6-10 club race laps fade isnt too much that an adjuster is needed... now over 20-30 hard race laps sure. and i've used them during 4 hr endurance races
  3. the lower tire pressure does increase patch but only really increases outside carcass temps it doesnt allow the heat to generate to the core or throughout the tire .. your pressure was too low and yes.. that was cold tearing because there may have been heat but not the right heat so it cold tears... this is directly from race tire techs from michelin you should have maintained pressure if not raised it a psi or too.. thats why tires feel like they are sliding on hot days when they have too much pressure.. they are actually getting too hot.. they lower the psi to "cool" the tire
  4. not likely it feels like mid ohio limited offering days and pricing with out improvements will only get worse before it gets better. sadly they simply "cannot" (this is relative i have NO knowledge of their goals or finances lol) continue to operate as they are with no incentive to ride or drive there without improvements to a quickly degrading track surface(and other factors) in which a number of racing orgs have complained or flat out said they will not return because of. there are just to many quality tracks around anymore that continue to make upgrades to their compounds and tracks. PITT race in my opinion is the best track out there right now. surface , track layout ect. putnam has repaved in the last 3-5 nelson in the last few and even GRATTAN!?!?!?! just redid the first 3 turns with plans to do 4-8 in the next year?! insane!
  5. would that be CJ lorche? or however you spell it? i'd be interested in the other side details
  6. negative.. will be at trackfest / gingerman raceway
  7. thats why you struggle snuggle craigy... he likes to have a little fear in him as he slowly passes out....
  8. took my race bike from oh no to oh yo! still more to do but yeeees!
  9. ok boys I had to post it as im super happy.... Last fall I yard sale'd my bike counterclockwise at Grattan during a WERA race. the Covid made getting parts a bit difficult at first but here she is in 99%of her glory... -Decals by Pop Shadow Decals -Bodywork and paint by MotoXpRicambi everything else was sourced as I normally had them. vortex, renthal, driven, woodcraft, Penske , GP suspension and misc other goodies.. still a pump gas 126hp at the rear monster SuperStock motor Still have to get the wheels Powder coated to the same neon flouro orange and some misc decals and new seat pad Everything off that was broken
  10. Grattan and Tally still a go... see ya at Grattan if you want on track punks!
  11. I agree PITT is one of the finest tracks in the nation right now.. it's my fav and I dont get to run it enough.. that said everything tim mentioned is available through STT as well (cross plug) and We will be at Grattan in 1.5 weeks woo!
  12. heat is everything for pliability , that and my no mar with the right equipment
  13. wera just open up roebling road racing middle of the month, bet some track days will be right behind
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