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  1. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    but my 08 already does that @TimTheAzn
  2. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Not in the least @Tonik I do to as I type it out... it brings back my memories of the work as it is done .. mmm hmm
  3. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Lets build some powa! What is done with the engine build is determined buy the rules your competing under, level of maintenance you want to perform and of corse your budget. From stock, superstock, supersport, superbike and beyond. Combustion engines are an air pump so their ability to breath is everything. Milling the gasket surface allows us to tune the combustion chamber size and compression ratio. CNC valve job gives us a clean and consistent radius for optimal air flow past the valve seats. CNC porting forms IN/EX ports for optimal flow that is 100% repeatable from head to head. The unsung hero of a good breathing engine is properly evenly set up valve clearances.
  4. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    yes Chris, chamfering the pads is 100% to make wheel changes faster having a captive rear caliper. plus the pads makes rear wheel changes significantly faster. basically it takes 3 things / safety wire to hold the inner pad in place / captive spacers to hold the rear spacers in place so they don't pop out at the slightest bump / chamfered pads to allow the rear rotor to slide up easily so that a square surface doesn't snag on the square surface of the pads! i'm certain everyone here has experienced the frustration of getting the rear rotor to line up straight and up into the pad/caliper recess.
  5. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    we didn't take but a few mm off the edge not like a lot of people tend to do and angle the whole damn pad... then I could absolutely see failing them from tech. Our Chamfering of the pad does not effect the performance of the rear brake at all. EDIT: I realize in that picture it really seems that the pad is shaved completely at an angle, it is not
  6. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Race prepping is essential for fast access, ease of use and increased crash ability. Everything we do before hand is to make the everyday stuff easier. Relocating the main harness inside the frame rail and routing the front loom inside the forks shelters and protects it from rash or slower competitors. Fixing the ram air tube to the fairing stay allows for easier bodywork mounting. Heat reflective tape helps manage heat from the engine. Captive rear caliper carrier, spacers and chamfered pads for effortless wheel changes. We cap all non utilized electrical connectors for disassembly/assembly. First pic is of factory harness location
  7. Im not dead..... glad to be back

    Welcome back dude
  8. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    On to Chassis assembly: We clean out the hint of grease that the factory puts on moving parts. Its seriously pathetic how little they have, it's barely noticeable. Then we pack the bearings with high quality low friction grease. Properly assemble and torque all moving parts of the chassis, to assure proper spec and function of all moving parts. Last picture is start of assembly using stock shock as a placeholder
  9. bike FOR SALE : 2008 Yamaha R6

    Those were made years ago by Chris kruzel of drippingwet. But everything else and my new ones I recommend pop shadow decals. Tea, is a fellow racer and Stt coach. She does amazing on them with quick turnaround and good pricing
  10. bike FOR SALE : 2008 Yamaha R6

    Do eeet!!!!!
  11. bike FOR SALE : 2008 Yamaha R6

  12. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Rear shock removal can be a lengthy job as you need to lift the tank and remove the top clevis. During routine service and more so during a track or race weekend, Time is a commodity. Shaving the frame is legal in race applications and allows for the top shock mount to be removed with the clevis in place. Realigning the lower shock and linkage mounts allow for quick and easy removal. Making spring, valving and maintenance possible in a moments notice. Add a few captive nuts and shock removal literally happens in a matter of seconds.
  13. looking for cheap track gear!

    this is fine place to look... always look in our marketplace.. even more so check out the WERA forum ( forums.13x.com ) then search in the gear section for people dumping gear.. this is a great time to be buying as a lot of people are offloading for newer stuff right now
  14. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Quite unfortunate
  15. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    There is a good possibility that after all this is done. all I will be able to do is stare at how pretty she is, damn money pits haha!