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  1. TwiztedRabbit

    bike FOR TRADE: 2009 Kawasaki Zx6r

    My wife's 09 Zx6r. Built and maintained by Joe Denowh of Turn One Racing Only TRADING for a 2008-UP Yamaha R6 of close to equal parts or Cash added. Aprox 6k miles Stock motorECU flashed by Turn One Trans logic quick shifter GP shiftVortex clip onsPazzo short leversOhlins steering damper Ohlins 30mm ForksOhlins Ttx rear shock Front and rear spring for 140lbsHEL braided linesVesrah pads Vortex rear setsVortex sprocket DID 520 chainHindle Full exhaust Hot bodies fairings, professional Pearl paint job in springFully safety wired to WERA specSparesComplete 09 motor/trans with 1200 milesPower commander V 2 rear wheels1 front wheelStock forksMisc vortex sprocketsClip on bars RectifierMisc boltsI know I'm missing thingsTrade with or without spares depending on bike and $ONLY trading for a 2008-up Yamaha R6
  2. TwiztedRabbit

    Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    dang thats pretty sweet
  3. TwiztedRabbit

    VMD Bound

    stop by the upper paddock look for a grey/ crème toy hauler big red dodge 2500 and a 2017 R6.... I'm the President of the local ducati club CODE (Central Ohio Desmo Enthusiasts )
  4. TwiztedRabbit

    Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days

    will be in the paddock around 3-4 Thursday running the R6 #113 in the upper paddock stop by!
  5. TwiztedRabbit

    What Are Your Thoughts on This?

    i've been lucky enough that being a coach my head is on a swivel... I spend most of my time riding while turned around, its weird I know. that said I kinda get used to expecting the unexpected.. I cant tell you how many incidents ive seen on a weekend basis that would make you just shake your head. this has actually greatly helped me in racing .. but your 100% right.. time and experience will help you in the long run
  6. TwiztedRabbit

    What Are Your Thoughts on This?

    it's a catch 22 we all want to win... and we will all at some point do something not as intelligent to do so... I would be more worried at first about the dude you passed on the left as you then went wide and off track.. he needed to stop too and you could have collected him as well. of course it is always easy to arm chair it afterwards
  7. TwiztedRabbit

    What Are Your Thoughts on This?

    this may sounds a bit contradictory at times but I think its kinda subjective... on one hand racing is racing and i'll do whatever I can to win i'll hold that gas a moment longer or wait to brake a hair later.... though I still do it knowing that barring any outside conditions i'll stay on track. have I ridden of track I certainly have I push my limits and have gone off the surface .. but honestly maybe 2 times a year... I will NEVER purposefully hold on to the gas or wait on the brakes so long that I know i'll wreck or go off track... if I go off track that means I was NOT in control and I wrecked... meaning even if I do not go down.. and I roll through and back on track. I have still failed and I "wrecked" this is unacceptable to me personally. As I told another buddy about club racing at our age (young assed impetuous 35) I am not competitive or young enough and chasing points isn't ever going to get me a ride that pays, so I do it for the fun, the camaraderie and the thrill I get from rolling next to another sharing the same. maybe that was a load of drivel but maybe it helps
  8. TwiztedRabbit

    Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    buwahaha haven't forgotten to busy enjoying it. more to come.. wow that sounds familiar
  9. TwiztedRabbit

    Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta Radial Master Cylinder

  10. TwiztedRabbit

    Anybody on here do vinyl decals?

    i am unsure about anyone here but i get all my vinyl decals from Popshadow Decals email info@popshadowdecals.com
  11. TwiztedRabbit

    50% off Arai Corsair-X Sale

    i will not nor ever hesitate to pay $600-800 or more for a helmet that does exactly what i want it to do... fit, finish and MOST importantly protect my head the best that a helmet can do... this is certainly not to say that $300 helmet couldn't protect me... this to me reminds me of a suit, cheaper works.. but do you want 1.0mm of cowhide protecting you or 1.5mm of premium whatever hide giving you superior abrasive and heat dispersion properties and your sliding down the road on all aspects of your body at blank odd mph i know what i would choose PS bump for Riders Discount offering a kick ass deal on my personal choice of helmet
  12. TwiztedRabbit

    50% off Arai Corsair-X Sale

    i say to each their own.. but i find it mind blowing that people are willing to put a $100 helmet on their head..
  13. TwiztedRabbit

    Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    so this has sadly been put on the back burner for a bit while the race season has really crept up on us... we will be sorting through the 100's of pics and getting info together buuuut.... Paul of 614PaintWorx kills it again Flake for days !!!!!
  14. TwiztedRabbit

    NCM Motorsports Park, April 21-22

    No Tim, you can sign up in either Intermediate or novice as a new to STT rider. though generally if your new and make an account on the site or call in to sign up they will ask if you have ever ridden the track before just for safety sake to make sure a first time track day rider doesn't get out in intermediate. for Advanced you have to have a valid Expert race license to sign up in advanced for the first time ever at STT.
  15. TwiztedRabbit

    School me on travel trailers..

    max i see the opposite atleast in the toy hauler world... most of the time the older siding style tend to have bowing and leak issues at the seams... the 1 piece sides and roofs on the fiberglass do very well as long as you maintain them.. EG the roof is the most important thing to the life of the body.... seal it at least 2 times a year. cover it or store indoors during the winter and you'll be great bad things on both sides