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  1. Lets discuss oil filters...

    OEM OEM OEM OEM OEM, hey did i say OEM yet?
  2. My Battle with K&N

    its not it is clear... this is on an 08-16 r6... i know as i USED to use KN on my bike... with GP shift as show here it is closer than standard shift but it clears just fine.. the angle here is horrible making it seem like the tolerance is very tight when its really not... this goes hopefully with out saying but stop using KN !!! and yes the band clamp is REQUIRED at all RACING orgs just as drain plugs and so on.. back in the early days of failure i saw a lot of people have the KN nut safety wired and pulling so we thought the failures were do to that
  3. Superbike School, Vegas, April 7-8

    if you are at Autobahn or Blackhawk and even sometimes Putnam... you can get 2:1 almost everytime
  4. Superbike School, Vegas, April 7-8

    if you can afford a private tutoring / coaching at a dedicated school such as CSS or YCRS then do it! FYI... Sportbike Track time in Novice is dedicated to getting the smallest coach to student ratio available in a commercial track day org... our goal is no more than 5:1 with many days being closer to 3:1 , in intermediate the ratio is 8:1 though individual coaching is available in groups as staffing allows!
  5. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Armour Bodies fairings finally arrived. We will be getting these to Ohio riders own Paul Finn, so he can work his magic.
  6. bike 2013 Hypermotard SP

    what he said... i'll vouch as well... solid bike from great duder
  7. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    But oh yes my freshly coated wheels. In a color I am designating volcano red. in the Sun it's hot red and orange, and in normal light it's deep rich red. much like a volcanoes "magma"
  8. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Guys if ya didn't figure it out, hah. Blake is a Turn One Racing employee. He is a major apart of this build. And generally can answer most of the technical questions quicker amd mpre accurately than I can.
  9. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    This weekend was a busy one, spent the time working on not 1, but 3 2017 Yamaha R6. Mostly getting the bike peeped for many of the hard parts. From suspension carts and install, safety wire, harness and line routing. The details matter in making the bike perform well and crash better. Every thing we do before hand is to speed up maintenance and repair. Seconds matter in between races be it changing a tire , fork or shock springs. Making adjustments. Or repairing damage.
  10. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    you jelly timmy? could have just told me your concerns but we don't date... it's an open relationship
  11. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Touche' but hey man you better watch that rear wheel I'm coming up fast
  12. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Damn going for the jugular already, I thought we were boys
  13. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Buwahaha, though possibly accurate... Blake is just jelly it isn't his bike... But correct we did get a lot done this last weekend
  14. part WTB- Set of junk tires

    sorry I've been out of town.. yes i have that size.. yes there free... either ryan or i can sort ya out... don't care whom lol
  15. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    hold on to your butts... i'm heading back out this weekend to work on the good stuff! pics and updates to commence