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  1. Random Track Talk

    to expound on Craig.. correct.. its usage we run significantly lower tire pressures on track.. I run my rear tire at 19-25 psi hot depending on track conditions.. this allows for a larger contact and traction zone.. so the tire can go past the edgeline but this is far less than ideal.... we use BP and other controls to keep it as far off that as we can while getting around said corner as quickly as traction will allow
  2. Random Track Talk

    another thing is everyone is diff physically .. look at dudes that drag knee everywhere or elbows... they maybe just lankier than myself or others. there are so many people that are at a moderate pace dragging everything when others don't touch anything and would beat them by seconds... I use my knee as a quick guide.. it taps then lifted at apex as a reference of my start of aggressive cornering.. I allow it to touch then pull it in as I reach my max lean at apex then it skims the ground and off as on the gas... I couldn't get my elbow down unless I wrecked... I have long legs and Trex arms... BP again is very important. and you need to solidify the base now.. if you don't.. you are limiting your own performance and as you progress things will get more uncomfortable... getting the BP right now will allow you to tweek it as you get smoother and quicker.. remember that you don't learn one BP then that's it... it is constantly evolving.. to your pace. this will also effect your line choice and brake points.
  3. Random Track Talk

    like I said.. they have far advanced tech than any of us will ever have access too.. comparing what a gp BIKE can do is like saying your accord should do what an indy car can do... on the subject of chicken strips... they are only a piece of the puzzle.. I'm more concerned with where the tire wear pattern is... you can look at a tire and see where some one is braking getting on the gas and of course leaning. I can actually see it mostly in the pic above...
  4. Random Track Talk

    there is a myriad of reasons.. number one is tire technology... the tires they use are NOT available to us. even though you see 60ish degrees... in motoamerica bikes are lucky to reach max lean angles of 54-56 degrees (their tires are available to us) but that's just the tip of the iceberg. one is can only reach those lean angles safely when your BP is on point.. otherwise you are putting to much stress on the carcass and making the tire do the work of the suspension which is BAD... to really get into it... the combo is tires, bp, suspension and EMU/throttle control need the tires to be able to reach that lean and maintain traction.. to do so you need proper suspension.. (oem wont do it in most cases ) as if the suspension cannot properly soak up and rebound the irregularities of the track the tier ends up taking up the slack and doing things its not meant to do.. usually results in a crash. next is your BP, BP is subjective yet there still needs to be the same foundation... that is getting central mass off the top of the bike and lower than the center of gravity. this allows you to keep the bike angle lower (45-50 not 55) as the most traction is available on the side not the edge.(the idea is to always stay off the edge as much as possible to get on the gas and brakes harder I could compound this for hours) lastly is EMU/Throttle control. it is combined as 1 is under out control the other isn't ecu needs to have fueling on point. tuned properly to not always lean or rich spots that cause surging or lack of power spots that could cause you to have to adjust throttle excessively mid corner. throttle control throttle control throttle control... smooth consistent throttle will allow you to maintain smoothness all the way thru the turn. with out this you can basically pogo stick the bike as it will be minutely transitioning weigh from front to back and so on thru the turn.. ... all of this EVERY LAST BIT comes down to traction.. we do everything for traction... every last input in the bike is to maintain traction while getting around as quick as possible with the traction provided... (yes even the MA and GP guys drifting and sliding is still traction...) traction is still intact until your on your face. soo as run around and ADD answer as that was..... GP can do it because they have million dollar bikes on million dollar tires with million dollar suspension and million dollar EMU. MA , WSBK and the likes cant even do it... but they get closer as they have 100k bikes with 100k suspension ect ect.... we can get close to them because all our tech is trickle down... long story.. get that BP in check
  5. Random Track Talk

    solid pace at both those tracks... any faster and (currently) your flirting with disaster... not ness. in mid corner but as you trail brake in or get on the gas out.. you are really close to edge of traction zones. it truly is keeping you from obtaining more corner speed as physically at that angle you cant go faster.
  6. Random Track Talk

    what is your current pace? that lean angel to that BP is excessive even at an advanced pace.
  7. bike FOR SALE : 2008 Yamaha R6

    yeah I should totally update that! 2017 R6 will be my sole bike.. its currently getting ready for the new year!
  8. bike FOR SALE : 2008 Yamaha R6

    bump it up!!! turn key race bike / track day weapon
  9. What did you do to your bike today?

    100% a track bike, I will keep the stock fairings for a little while... maybe... but I honestly doubt if the bike ever sees a singe street mile
  10. What did you do to your bike today?

    been a while since I've jumped in this one.. as I haven't honestly done anything but tweeks to my bikes. but with the sell if the duc Pani-dropper I've had some things going on so.... bought a 2017 Yamaha R6.... list of things being currently worked on! Full Graves WORKS Ti Exhaust Supersport Motor build, Pump gas and MR12 Race fuel tunes Ohlins 30mil front fork Cartridge kit Penske Double 8789 Rear shock Woolich ECU Flash Translogic Quickshifter Translogic Autoblipper Marvic Magnesium Wheels MotoHolders Subframe Vortex Clip ons CRG levers Vortex Rearsets Vortex Gas cap Vortex misc sprockets Brembo 19x20 master cylinder Galfer Stainless steel lines, with ABS delete Vesrah Pads Brembo Rotors Woodcraft Keyless ignition Woodcraft Case savers Armour Bodies Bodywork Custom paint by paul finn decals by pop shadow there may actually be more it's quite the undertaking and my most ambitious one yet... very excited to get it all together and see how much of a monster she really is, we are shooting for sub 375# wet and 140 wheel on race gas big thanks, couldn't be possible without the help of my sponsors for next year. Turn One Racing, Apex Manufacturing, Sportbike Track Time, Pop Shadow Decals, Vortex, Bridgestone
  11. bike FOR SALE : 2008 Yamaha R6

    2008 Yamaha R6, bought brand new in late 08. Clean title in hand... $6,900 Will update with miles. Roughly 9,000 Goodies Supersport built motor by Indianapolis Ducati Bazzaz FI Unit with dual map switch, tuned to Sunoco 260gtx or U4.4 Manual cam chain tensioner BMC filter Full titanium Akrapovic exhaust MotionPro rev2 throttle Ohlins 20mm fork piston kit New vesrah pads Galfer stainless lines Vortex clip ons Pazzo short levers GPR v4 steering damper Bazzaz quickshifter with new sensor and timing adjuster, GP shift Optimal racing bodywork Paint by 614paintworx DID 520 chain Slew of vortex rear sprockets Stock rearsets Stock rear shock Stock rotors Stock wheels painted to match Maybe forgetting something Marvic magnesium wheels Brembo rotors available for more $$ Bike will be available after 10/15/17 Located in Columbus Ohio
  12. bike Malaguti 50cc Scooter/Pit bike

    damnit rollo I would have bought it for that price... thanks for saying something at work
  13. Who's Doing Vintage Days Races?

    photo credit to Joe Hansen at electric eye images
  14. Pitt race 4 hour endurance write-up

    proud of you all, it was so amazing to see that bike out on track again!
  15. Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid Ohio

    @Moto-Brian was on fire I was In that htw twins sb race... brian was on fire... just obliteration... I took home 2 1st in my class so it wasn't a bad weekend but man he was flying!!!!