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  1. Are there any shops in the Central Ohio area that do suspension work? I just picked up a 2007 SV 650S that I intend to use for primarily track use. It's got 26k miles on it, and while I did get some maintenance paperwork, there is no indication of any work being done to the forks or shock. I am aware many people chuck a ZX10 or 14 shock on the back with heavier front springs and emulators, but I'd still need help getting it setup for me. I'm about 200 pounds. Any shop/individual recommendations? Parts recommendations? Newbie to the track, so I don't need amazeballs, just don't want to learn to ride on a track on a worn out suspension.
  2. Free universal soft bags. They have integrated rain covers built into the front pouch. The accent color is replacable, only have red and yellow though. I think I have a couple straps, but you'll have to figure out your own mounting. Willing to meet up on East side Columbus. I'm in Pataskala.
  3. Only took short videos. Just enjoy the sound
  4. LOL, looking back through the photos, they're mostly of the novice class since that's where my wife was racing. I did get some of the I and A class, but not nearly as many. I have several of a blue GSXR with all black gear, but I don't see a number sticker.
  5. I only saw a couple other DSLRs, and only one other guy walking the infield with one. What are you riding? What's your gear look like? It'll be another ~3 hours until my Drive upload is finished.
  6. I'm uploading photos from yesterday's Mid-Ohio PTR now. Linky:
  7. Crosspost from Track is Crack forum. Please share this with riders you recognize!
  8. Mid-Ohio hosted their first motorcycle PTR of 2021 yesterday. I took my DSLR and did some HIKING to get some photos in. Entire gallery of 267 photos here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XHIPRwNAwit5O_o42Tl-Epw7Y3s5_utw?usp=sharing (still uploading as on 11:30am). I'm very much only a hobbyist photog, and as such (if these are photos of you) feel free to use them free of charge for personal use including sharing on social media, printing, etc. Don't use these commercially without contacting me. If you were here, know someone who was, or recognize a bike/rider please share the link to this post with them.
  9. Hi Mike, I just picked up a brand new FJ-09. What do you have in the way of hard bags? I like the clean install of the Yamaha bags& mount, but at ~$1200 MSRP they're stupidly priced. The Givi make nice stuff, but their brackets are generic and huge. The Shad SH36 look nice. Not tied to any of those three, Just options I've looked at. Do you have any steering stabilizers that would fit? The front end gets light and wobbles a bit. Also shooting you a PM about other stuff.
  10. That sounds interesting, let me know!
  11. I'm a newbie looking for a decent used board to learn on. I wear a 10.5-11 shoe, so I think I need a size 11 boot. Sounds like I'll need a board in the 150-160cm range. Anyone have anything?
  12. I'd like a sport touring, any interest in trading for an '06 RS Midnight Warrior?
  13. 8,605 clicks on the camera. It's in excellent shape, battery still holds a good charge and everything functions as new.
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