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  1. That is a very sharp bike. I dig it!
  2. JaSSon

    What do YOU need?

    Hi Mike, I just picked up a brand new FJ-09. What do you have in the way of hard bags? I like the clean install of the Yamaha bags& mount, but at ~$1200 MSRP they're stupidly priced. The Givi make nice stuff, but their brackets are generic and huge. The Shad SH36 look nice. Not tied to any of those three, Just options I've looked at. Do you have any steering stabilizers that would fit? The front end gets light and wobbles a bit. Also shooting you a PM about other stuff.
  3. JaSSon

    WTB: Snowboard/bindings/boots

    That sounds interesting, let me know!
  4. I'm a newbie looking for a decent used board to learn on. I wear a 10.5-11 shoe, so I think I need a size 11 boot. Sounds like I'll need a board in the 150-160cm range. Anyone have anything?
  5. JaSSon

    FS: 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000

    I'd like a sport touring, any interest in trading for an '06 RS Midnight Warrior?
  6. JaSSon

    Oh holy hell. Another step toward human enslavement

    TIL how Humanity goes extinct.
  7. JaSSon

    FS: Nikon D60+lens or trade for GoPro

    8,605 clicks on the camera. It's in excellent shape, battery still holds a good charge and everything functions as new.
  8. I've upgraded, and I'm selling my Nikon D60 with the kit 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 VR lens. Comes with battery, neck strap, charger, USB cable, and if I can find it the original box and manual. $200 firm or trade for GoPro, something preferably in the 3+ range.
  9. JaSSon

    Do you know MySQL?

    Help me learn it.
  10. JaSSon

    2008 Honda CBR600RR Graffiti Only 2800 Miles

    Interested in trading for my '06 Midnight Warrior? ~8k miles.
  11. JaSSon

    Anyone here go to Columbus Cars & Coffee?

    I've been a few times so far this season. I might make it this weekend.
  12. JaSSon

    Got some bad news yesterday

    Yes, there are ~400 employees from the MM division @ the Covington campus that will be looking for new roles in Fidelity, but most of them are equipment operators or work in material handling, and won't necessarily be looking for IT work. Being in IT, I assume that you have the experience, education, and certifications to move at least laterally to a new IT position. This really is a sad thing. There are a lot more people that will be affected than just the ~400 Fidelity employees.
  13. JaSSon

    Halo Reach Xbox360s + extras

  14. that's slick! Any events like that coming up this year? Getting to ride new bikes and get free stuff is a super win!