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  1. The bulk of that exhaust is the muffler. A slippy will be fine
  2. I'm too scared to ride anything at night. Except maybe a scooter.
  3. Heading out friday -sunday
  4. What ever do you mean? I was just appreciating him sharing his knowledge.
  5. 2004 R6. Babied and never had to use a spongebob band aid!!
  6. Meh. I havnet even had enough time to play with the one I have! Plus my motor is just a tad better than that
  7. Thanks for the lesson. Im so relieved I finally know how brakes work on a motorcycle vs. a car. Glad we got that cleared up.
  8. I just assumed if it was bent enough to cause this then he would of noticed sooner it was the rotor
  9. Most of the things I have heard are using the digital frame checking equipment shhits
  10. I would of just gone to the day and hoped someone had a spare wheel or rotor.
  11. I highly doubt a slightly bent rotor would cause your lever to fall all the way to the grip. Just doesnt sound right. Sucks you missed a track day man. Sucks a lot!
  12. Whooaa. That could of been way worse. Sweet vid and pics!
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