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  1. Chrome

    Alpinestar SMX

    These will make a good Xmas gift to yourself! Great pair of barely warn boots.
  2. Chrome

    2 Stands FS

    SOLD. Lock’em up
  3. Chrome

    2 Stands FS

    Nobody?? Throw out an offer, somebody needs a stand!!
  4. Chrome

    2 Stands FS

    Offers will be considered.
  5. Chrome

    Alpinestar SMX

    Reasonable offers accepted if pricing is out of line.
  6. Chrome

    gear Alpinestar SMX

    Pair of Alpinestar SMX boots. No track use, tons of tread left on them. I wear a 10.5 us and these fit great! See the pics for condition. Located in Marysville but will deliver in or around Columbus within reason. $225.00
  7. Chrome

    bike 2 Stands FS

    2 stands for sale. Pitbull forward handle rear stand and Lockhart Phillips front stand. Will separate. Little surface rust on the LP stand from sitting. Doesn’t affect performance. Stands have worked great for me in the past. No bikes coming in the near future and tired of moving these around the garage. Pitbull- $100 LP- $35 can meet on on the west side of Columbus or send/mail at buyers expense.
  8. Chrome

    Looking for new career path...

    I disagree with your logic on not working for Lowes or the orange box. I do work for Lowes as an exterior sales associate. In home sales for building materials. GREAT job. If you work in the store the pro desk is where you want to be. Some of the best networking happens at the pro desk. You will meet a ton of contractors and possibly your next career with a builder/general contractor. You may have said and I didn't read it but where are you located? A lot of the "counter" salesman make shit money anyhow. I wouldn't go that route if I were you.
  9. Chrome

    Hide your RFID cards.

    But if someone (your son) is in the parking lot, they can pick up all of that information correct? Once they have it my bank account info is now theirs.
  10. Chrome

    Hide your RFID cards.

    I know I'm not all that tech savvy, but why with the chip cards do you have to enter your pin? Isn't it just like everyone is forced to use the debit option? Less charges for the retailer? Just curious
  11. Chrome

    Road rage

    Would have been hilarious if his car would have totally flipped. Instant carma.
  12. Chrome

    Squids I see

    He was going so fast his shoes blew off!! You know, stretched bike and all. Maybe her other boyfriend came home?
  13. Chrome

    How do you clean your chain?

    I get the rear tire off of the ground, start the bike, put it in first gear, little gas let out the clutch and let it start spinning. I grab the chain with my hand and a wet rag and viola! Clean as a whistle. Anyone who who believes this is crazy. I only kid but have seen the aftermath of someone doing this, not pretty! Wd 40 is the best for cleaning.
  14. Chrome

    Concealed Carry

    Who is the best for the class? This is something that I have put off long enough and need to get. Columbus area would be preferred.
  15. Chrome

    FS: Kendon Dual Standup Trailer

    This was my answer.