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  1. CbrGirl

    Thread for asshats whose VCR's are blinking.

    Well I figured i should log on. Thanks for missing me! All three of you! Only got three PMs. I will say nice Petition. Made me laugh. Life has just gotten crazy with the kids plus my computer blew up and this site has never been super mobile friendly. Wonder if someone could fix that.... Well I have to go baby is crying!
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  3. CbrGirl

    Why riders don't wave back

  4. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

    So the ride may be over but donation are still welcome! Every dollar counts!
  5. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

    8 days till we ride!!!
  6. CbrGirl

    Hey Cbrgirl

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!
  7. CbrGirl

    Hey Cbrgirl

    Not nice. It hasn't been 10x yet!
  8. CbrGirl

    Hey Cbrgirl

    Thanks old man!
  9. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

    So sorry for your loss. Thank you for your donation.
  10. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

    That totally sucks! Prays for your friend and you! Agreed Fuck Cancer!
  11. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

    Thank you very much!
  12. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

  13. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

    That's great. All money to the cause helps!
  14. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

    Yes that would be a very nice gift!
  15. CbrGirl

    Cbrgirl's Pelotonia Ride

    Okay, I know Ben has already bugged you guys but I need some help to reach my goal. Anything will help! And just like Ben Limited Brand will match all donations! But unlike Ben I'm cuter and nicer! Thanks for all your help! Thanks to Casey and Michele for donating already! https://www.mypelotonia.org/riders_profile.jsp?MemberID=236406&SearchStart=0&PAGING