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  1. Thanks... I sold my 10 and got a grown ups bike!!!! How is Ohio and all its snowy glory??
  2. I had to drop by a say Hello to all my Ohio friends and family... Flashback... Whitey says enjoy the winter weather...from Florida.... Even though I live in Florida... my heart is shaped like the Buckeye State... Enjoy my 2017 Triumph Thruxton R... named Victoria!!!
  3. I'm looking for any generation used iPod touch with wifi. Doesn't matter what size. Condition has to be okay, looking for this for a mod that I'm attempting. Pm me or email me Whitey983@gmail.com Locally. ..Columbus area
  4. by beast...do you mean your zx10? if so...WHY?

  5. just trying to heal and recover... I might pull the trigger and sell the beast

  6. awe....how cute :) how are you?

  7. So...do u think you can make those stickers??

  8. I have done 6 or 7 different vehicles with that bed liner...stuff is fucking awesome....
  9. I did my roof, rims,mirrors,handles,grill,and bumpers in a textured bed liner...like LINE-X.
  10. I have seen people power wash their rims and the plasti dip didn't peel....shit holds
  11. I plasti dipped my interior parts on my FJ and they hold up great.... plus really ez to redo the parts ...stuff just peels off with leaving anything.
  12. Its a Suzuki..... so you know it's fast......lololololol
  13. Damn... I thought this is for people who race Busas.... and beat them!!!!! J/k.. Enjoy your social group
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