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  1. Jared over at CIAPerformance 🤘🏻🤘🏻
  2. For those looking for a great rifle, plenty of .243 ammo still available around town too.
  3. BNIB VLTOR upper with barrel nut, wrench and hardware. VIS2-AK with forward assist $475 can build to complete upper as needed as well.
  4. Selling the project I started a while back. 2006 Triumph 675 28k miles salvage title. Will need a headlight at the minimum, preferably with bodywork to pass inspection for rebuilt. Ignition is trashed, has a woodcraft key eliminator installed, easily reversible with new ignition set. Has taillight and fender eliminator with plate light. Levers, stainless lines, frame sliders, jardine exhaust, motohlders stay. slap on track bodywork and you’re set for the track too. asking $2500obo
  5. years of racing motocross beforehand would have probably had a benefit with all of that. Going to lightweight helps as well, going straight into 600s is asking for trouble there. Had to relearn on the in-line . I definitely would say I’m a bit of an outlier for sure, as anyone around long enough here knows lol. 
  6. True, I did the WERA race school On my street bike having never been on a track. Got a race SV and showed up tonWERa race and podiumed lol. Won 3 Nationals 2 races later and swept the regional titles. Track days definitely aren’t needed to get into racing. Biggest thing is knowing track etiquette, flags, rules, etc.
  7. Well got it all running, mainly looking for fairings now. If anyone has some I’ll take em lol
  8. This! I started racing on an SV and loved it, learned a lot about carrying speed and race craft. But at track days every goon on a 600+ will fly by on the straights and park you in the corners. And then riding them in advanced gets dicey with the speed differences imo.
  9. It’s super easy to balance. Buy a trueing stand and the heavy side will rotate to the bottom. Slap some weight on the opposite side and check again. It’s an art to learn how much weight is needed. When done slap some black duct tape over the weights. Same way we’ve done it at the racetrack. if you do decide to sell your street stuff, I may be interested.
  10. Drop $1k obo. Still sitting in the box waiting to be broken in y’all.
  11. Picked up a 675 salvage bike and looking for some parts.All Plastics, ignition, and fairing stay/ramair. Will be looking to resell once I get it all sorted and ready to rock if anyone is interested.
  12. I have a 1st gen Ruger Precision Rifle in .243 WIN BNIB never used. $1100 obo.
  13. Strong men fight, leading to good times, good times create weak men, weak men lead to bad times, bad times create strong men..... so on and so forth. It's the cycle of 1st world society. When life is easy, people start to worry about all these petty things. Literally make up stuff to stir drama. But when the SHTF, this stuff all disappears and the real, strong people of the country emerge to fight, patriotism is restored. Then it all starts over again.
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