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  1. Casper

    Moving to Columbus: Need advice

    Cleveland’s so bad LeBron left twice.
  2. Casper

    RIP Jessica Knox

  3. Casper

    2019 deals gap dates

    I don’t have a trailer.
  4. Casper

    Moving to Columbus: Need advice

    What a strange recommendation. Working downtown, I’d suggest finding a place downtown if affordable for her. Other areas to look at would be Clintonville, Grandview, Upper Arlington, Short North, German Village, etc. All are super easy commute to downtown. Could even ride a bike during the summer. A little both further commute would be Hilliard, Dublin, Worthington, etc. Stay away from northeast and east. Commute times are killer. Do you have a ballpark idea of how much she’s looking to spend for rent?
  5. Casper

    2019 deals gap dates

    The something else just might involve the Multi...
  6. Casper

    2019 deals gap dates

    I’m serious unfortunately. Jim is picking up the slack. Between work, family, and something else I’m working on I just don’t have time.
  7. Casper

    2019 Fuck Casper Gap Trip.

    I’m not just playing hard to get. No means no.
  8. Casper

    Hey Tpoppa

    I’m like the second slowest guy in novice. That count for anything?
  9. Casper

    2019 deals gap dates

    Seems to be some confusion. I’m really not planning a big Gap trip this year. Anyone is welcome to take the reigns and get something planned.
  10. Casper

    2019 deals gap dates

    You need to schedule with wherever you're staying as well.
  11. Casper

    2019 deals gap dates

    Cool. Get it planned. Thanks for volunteering.
  12. Casper

    2019 deals gap dates

    Anyone want to take over the scheduling of this?
  13. Casper

    OR NEO Dinner Thursday December 27 @ 7:00PM

    I was thinking the same thing, but I will be off work. And judging by the current weather, it'll probably be in the 60s the week of Christmas...
  14. Casper

    Who has edc experience with LCP?

    I don’t carry every day, but when I do it’s usually the LCP. It still prints in the pocket a bit, but with my pocket holster it just looks like a wallet.
  15. Casper

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Heated gear?