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  1. Certified Frank Rd 11AM 5/29/17

    Way too short notice.
  2. You can mention/tag users is posts now

  3. Marine Checking In

    Welcome aboard.
  4. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    Yup. Totally over my head.
  5. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    I'll give it to him for free.
  6. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    Don't worry, she doesn't need your help.
  7. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    Something something retarded squirrel something nut something.
  8. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    Ah. I didn't miss anything then.
  9. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    I don't get the blaming dad for dropping bike but the rest was funny. Did I miss an epic thread?
  10. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    @Tonik never says no.
  11. Persistent logins broken.

    Tell me then why it worked for years for you...
  12. Persistent logins broken.

    Have you tried logging out from everything, clear cookies, log in on one device, then log into second? Is anyone else having this issue?
  13. Persistent logins broken.

    Seems to be working fine for everyone else.
  14. We haven't lined up a sitter yet. I'll let you know @B-Mac
  15. Ringo Re intro

    Just like everything else, @Tonik was wrong about this.