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  1. Sorry folks. Stupid cert renewal automation broke again.
  2. Casper. Rejoined as Unk Greg, couldn't get on as my littlecarbsbigsmiles, nor the alternate account of oldman1999. Password not recognized....3rd time's the charm right?

  3. Wow. That thing looks awesome.
  4. I’m 99% sure I’ve seen the bike before.
  5. Parked in front of the hotel. Who are you? Want to have a beer with @cmh_sprint and I? 😂
  6. You should be honored. It took a long time for someone to take Tonik's spot.
  7. If it's truly racism, it's a serious offense (suspension, ban, etc). However, 99.9999999% of the time it's just friendly banter/ribbing or someone speaking their mind on a hot topic that upsets those with a different viewpoint. We've been doing this for fifteen years. Joining this site is like joining a new group of friends, or meeting your in-laws. It takes a bit to get to know their personalities, intentions, etc. Everyone has their own opinions. Think of it as a really fucked up, dysfunctional, polygamous, exhibitionist family. Some are conservative. Some are liberal. Some are in the middle. Some try to sleep with every new person that joins. Some are happily married. Some will never get laid. Some sleep with sheep (you know who you are *cough* Fonzie and Sam *cough*). Some ride sport bikes on the track only. Some ride Harley's to the local bar. Some sold their bikes years ago but still hang around for some reason (looking at you Bad). Some can handle it. Some can't. As TimTheAzn so eloquently said, this is not a "safe space". Everyone is free to have their own opinion and speak their mind (within the rules). We don't censor or over-moderate. That said, we do NOT tolerate blatant racism, sexism, violence, etc. If anyone sees anything that breaks the rules, you're encouraged to report it (Report post link in upper right of every post).
  8. Instead of fighting the trolls, I made them mods. 😂
  9. I know this one I actually care about. 😂
  10. https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/ohio-house-passes-legislation-making-cocktails-to-go-permanent-bill-heads-to-senate/
  11. Casper


    That sounds awesome. Would be great to do a camping meet and greet or something sometime. Welcome aboard.
  12. Honestly, TVA taking it over might be a huge blessing for that place.
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