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  1. Music... What are you listening to?

    Holy shit. Side note, the top comment had me dying: "this is one of the most hipster things i've ever heard. my headphones just grew a mustache and fedora"
  2. Shamelessly stolen from @Cdubyah's wife on Facebook: What is the first BIG news story you were aware of as a kid? For me it was the Challenger explosion.
  3. So far all of them have been. You need to enroll in each course to watch the videos, but enrolling is free. I already finished Track – Body Position 1, and started Track – Body Position 2.
  4. Something looks familiar....

    I mean, it's from the Cars movie so...........
  5. Mohican Bluegrass Festival 9/14-9/16

    I'm discussing it with my wife. If I go, I'd bring the camper.
  7. Mohican Bluegrass Festival 9/14-9/16

    I don't have a dual sport, but I love me some bluegrass.