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  1. HI there , well I started out on the assembly line back in May of 1986, and ended in quality control in June of 2020.
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  3. Hello everyone, I am new to this site but not new to riding - I have a 2007 Honda ST1300 (I purchased new back in 2008)and have put all 154,xxx miles on the odometer. I have traveled many places all over the country to get that many miles with many smiles. At a the tender age of 14 my mother let me have a (used) street Yamaha 350 - 2 cycle. Man at that age the bike flew.. Had to add 2 cycle oil to a separate tank and the bike mixed it as it was consuming fuel. Then later ( at 16) my dad helped me purchase a 1980 Yamaha 400 special -- Brand new-- I had a job and had to pay for it but he helped me get it, and he took care of the insurance for me. I put many miles on it until I got married --- My other bikes have been New-Honda V-45 magna, Used-Honda VLX 600 and now my ST1300. I retired from Honda of America about a year ago--- after 34 years of service so now I can take riding seriously LOL...
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