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  1. I was also one of the ones who went down in this turn. Similar story, was not going balls to the wall. Felt the back start to slip, then it caught traction and high sided. The guy who drove out also mentioned possible oil on the track. While we were waiting on the trailer, we walked out on track to look. You could see 2 faint dark stripes, almost like fluid was spraying out from the sides of a bike. Traced this back right to the spot I think I lost traction. Unfortunately no video. I was also unhurt, but cracked the frame of my bike, so it's getting rebuilt from the ground up.
  2. Did my first track day this weekend at Pittrace and am now thoroughly hooked. Met a lot of great people and got a ton of good advice. Tim, sorry I didn't get a chance to work with you, but I got a lot of great coaching from some of your colleagues. Already signed up for Nelson Ledges on 7/31-8/1 and can't wait!
  3. And thanks for the input What and Todd. Appreciate it.
  4. Good luck, and let us know how it went.
  5. So if Mid Ohio's surface sucks what are some better tracks for a first time track rider? I've been looking at Putnam Park Gingerman, and Grattan. I have no issues with tech requirements. Thanks.
  6. Dayton guy, honda guy, shit we're friends already!
  7. Hey guys, new to riding, bought this CBR500R in December and have already put over 1000 miles on it. Mostly commuting and spirited backroads since Ohio doesn't have any canyons. Looking to head to the track this summer.
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