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    2019 apollo 125cc, 1999, kx 80cc 2 stroke

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  1. Hi yall... i have a 13 yr old son that wants to get into racing dirt bikes.. i bought him a cheap 125cc apollo semiautomatic to get a feel for riding and learn... i also bought a 99 kx 80cc 2 stroke he will ride once he is comfortable on his 125 and i feel like he can ride it safely... we live 45 min south of Columbus..Do or is there, tracks that allow a cheap apollo bike to practice on, on open days and is there a race class for the apollo bikes for a 13yr old beginner that wont get him hurt for lack of experience? Also once hes on the 80cc what would be a good beginner's class for him... just trying to get him into the sport and do it as safe as we can and have some fun... thanks
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