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  1. That's a little taste until I can upload more in the am ,
  2. Can not upload pics till morning it's night time I will load more of my issue, so ya I have been riding a long time, so the more info and pics the better I am new at these type of groups but they seem really insitful, helpful, and , know that helping feelow riders is just something that seems right , so that's why I have been trying to do everything I think I am supposed to, if not please be patient till I get better, thank you Jack.
  3. So ya valve cover removal better way to make sure will not damage piston on my cbr F4i 600 2006, any advice would be so helpful , thank you Jack Pumphrey
  4. My cbr F4i I have been asked about removing the valve cover to get to the bottom of the debre in the 3 cylinder, video would not upload
  5. Just my bike that runs, not my pos commit bike or is now
  6. My not riding right now, well when weather is better my triumph , but do not like putting many miles on , stopped . making daytona R 675 ,
  7. Can you get to the bottom of spark plug hole if valve cover is removed on honda cbr 600 F4i 2008
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