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  1. I was on here since 2009 as r6Brent71 until I got banned. I remember somebody always saying you like Kesha. I got you confused with Isaac's Papa.
  2. Pauly - Sexy in spandex Bad123 - Mexican and Kesha lover ???? - whoever created the acronym LBTS GLWS. Liz - for her incredible username creativity.
  3. Who's on your Mount Rushmore of Ohio Riders members ?
  4. I liked the first three that are suppose to be the last three or something like that.
  5. Oh jeez. I know that would be one of my buddies answer.
  6. Each day it's a new Mount Rushmore. Yesterday it was fast food restaurants and today it's movies.
  7. - Point Break - Seven - The Client - Ford vs Ferrari
  8. ** NEW QUESTION ** Your Mount Rushmore of Movies ?
  9. Rally's, Chick Fillet, Burger King, Krystal.
  10. Each day I'll post a new Mount Rushmore question of the day. Let's start out with what's on your Mount Rushmore of fast food restaurants ?
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