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  1. I wear a hat 90% of the time. Didn't consider the getting old going gray part. Kinda old now, just turned 50. Yes I'm single and trying to keep it that way.
  2. Don't know how you guys ride a bike when it's windy. I can ride 60 miles in a day with a 15mph tailwind but like 5 miles with a 15mph headwind.
  3. I'm for serial considering getting it done. I'm tired of looking like a Dick with Ears. Anybody know anyone that has it ?
  4. I was on here since 2009 as r6Brent71 until I got banned. I remember somebody always saying you like Kesha. I got you confused with Isaac's Papa.
  5. Pauly - Sexy in spandex Bad123 - Mexican and Kesha lover ???? - whoever created the acronym LBTS GLWS. Liz - for her incredible username creativity.
  6. Who's on your Mount Rushmore of Ohio Riders members ?
  7. I liked the first three that are suppose to be the last three or something like that.
  8. Oh jeez. I know that would be one of my buddies answer.
  9. Each day it's a new Mount Rushmore. Yesterday it was fast food restaurants and today it's movies.
  10. - Point Break - Seven - The Client - Ford vs Ferrari
  11. ** NEW QUESTION ** Your Mount Rushmore of Movies ?
  12. Rally's, Chick Fillet, Burger King, Krystal.
  13. Each day I'll post a new Mount Rushmore question of the day. Let's start out with what's on your Mount Rushmore of fast food restaurants ?
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