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    Honda 1985 Nighthawk 650
  1. Good Afternoon All, A few years back I helped a buddy, and bought a 1985 Honda Nighthawk 650 DOHC off of him. Had someone go over it, they replaced all fluids and most if not all gaskets. Ran great other than needed a new set of tires and brakes. Well shortly thereafter it sat for a few years with very little rides due to life happening. Well I finally was able to get back to it and ride and I find my fuel lines had rotted away (made for an interesting story after realizing it), well replaced the lines, turned it on and started noticing a ticking noise coming from the #1 cylinder. It was really faint and intermittent, so took it as I hadn't heard it before. Well its become more pronounced, so figured I'd ask for experience before really hacking into it, plus, had a hard time finding a new head gasket, ( as I have been to the point where I needed to fix something, found out the basics and fixed it and, then realized I couldn't put it all back together because the seal broke too badly to reuse). So went through checking other possibilities before tearing into the motor and waiting on new gasket. Can't detect any exhaust leaks, though I admit I may have missed something, the plugs and wires are new so im not getting an arc pop (had a car do this to me, damn rabbits chewed on them), and from doing research my valves are supposed to have hydraulic valve lash adjusters, which I shouldn't have to do a Tappet check, but from other models, this is exactly the noise they were experiencing. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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