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  1. @MSerfozo That looks like pretty nice use of lock down time on the yard. @Pauly what exactly are you trying to accomplish with a BMW dirt rocket?
  2. So as the title says, is anyone working on any project bikes, scooters, quads, side-x-sides? Here's what me and my little brother been working on. In chronological order.
  3. I can't blame you there. Thanks anyhow.
  4. Hey you still have this? My little brother needs a jacket.
  5. Selling as is. Engine rolls over freely. Dual Carbs. No electronics. $150 obo gets it out of my garage. Open to fair value trades, you don't know unless you ask.
  6. I'll have to check out the rear wheel to be sure, but I think it's off of the 91 nighthawk heart donor. The swingarm that was on the Suzuki when I got it was not from Suzuki and I wasn't about to play a game of "guess the size of the swing arm bearings". So we chopped about 1.5"-2" off both sides from the pivot point of the Honda arm. I HAVE A BUNCH OF BUILD PICS Pics from the for sale listing that triggered this build.
  7. Ok then. No takers? A 500lb +/- butt rocket. 1. Suzuki GS550E rolling Frame w/title. 2. Running CB750 DOHC off of a totaled bike with all the electrical components. 3. twisted brainstorming/fabrication 4. bring on the naysayers Hahahaha. Tell me it can't be done and I'll prove you and your thinking wrong 99% of the time.
  8. New the forum. About 3 years young on motorcycles. I went to school for Automotive Technologies, graduated, got hired at a cnc machine shop. That was all about 13 years ago. Job now has nothing to do with engines or that fun stuff. Anyway, here is what me and my little brother are beginning to button up. Anybody want to try to guess what 2 motorcycles we smashed together?
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