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  1. that's the problem. he's 5'9" 160 with room to grow. I want something for him to be safe to ride ~200 miles on the highway with me to our destination. My thought process is, if I wouldn't be comfortably safe on it, I sure as shit won't have him on it. So I am looking at a bike I can adjust for him and still have him to grow into it. I'm actually looking at a KLR 650 with lowering links and lower seat for him. Yes, it's heavy, but realistically, we are looking at Ohio public park trails...not MOAB. I know it soulnds like I have made up my mind, but I also want to lay out our purpose. Also looking for ready street legal so he can use it around town without spending $500 on a street legal kit. I probably should have said that in the initial post. Also, a used KLR will hold value if it isn't his thing. Am open, just looking for the best mix of a long safe highway ride and lightish trail bike. Thanks Chris
  2. Thanks a bunch. Sorry for the delayed thank you. I have been on a million different forums figuring out what I "need" and what I "want" for my new-to-me KLR 650. I just spent way too much on Amazon for compact/light weight camping supplies and parts for the bike. Wayne National is definitely going to be first on my list. I went to OU and it will be close enough to make a quick trip to visit the campus. My 16 year old has expressed interest in riding with me, so I am currently looking for a 400 dual sport for him. Am looking forward to exploring. Thanks again, Chris
  3. New guy here, and new to trails (have done lots of 4 wheeling, but first dual sport). I'm not looking for extreme stuff, but some challenges will be fun. I would like to find a place for me and my kid to go and ride trails during the day and camp at night. Ideally, they would allow for 13 year olds to ride with an adult, but if I stick to state parks, I'm guessing that is a no go. Any suggestions? Thanks Chris PS, here is the motorcycle hauler/camper (with ARB awning)
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