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  1. The Pirelli Angel GT tires give excellent traction even with under 100 miles on them. I also added a R&G rear hugger and some heat protection for my exhaust as well as a full Guhl Motorsports tune to my 2010 Honda VFR1200F. Despite having full power in first and second gear now with full throttle control I feel much safer and more in control. The stock tune had a huge lack of power and throttle control as a makeshift traction control. The first trip out was a huge success. I was very comfortable at lean and able to give full throttle with minimal tire spin thanks to the An
  2. I grabbed a Portillo's Chicago style hot dog in Crystal Lake, IL at the start of my trip home. It was a challenge keeping the toppings on the hot dog. Good flavor.
  3. I don’t recommend driving through Chicago at any time. 98 degree weather is especially bad. The information is from the scenic app. Anything over the speed limit must be a glitch. Notice the extremely slow speeds for my entire trip through Chicago. I probably stopped completely 50 times.
  4. Yes! I am very interested in a tail pack.
  5. I have cupping on my new to me VFR 1200F front Dunlop. There are flat spots following the center grooves for about an inch centered on the tread. Seeing that was a first for me. New Pirelli Angel GT tires are on the way.
  6. I replaced the speedometer sensor on my 2007 919 today. The bike runs much better with ECU speed sensor input. I noticed my Micron single exhaust rear tip section got discolored in the 400 miles I drove with the failed sensor.
  7. I’ll buy them for $75. I can ride up for the purchase this weekend.
  8. I agree. I just picked up a 2010 Honda VFR 1200F as a second bike. I’ll have to try the SE Ohio and WV roads with that bike. Much more sporty position and about 65 more hp than my 2007 Honda 919.
  9. The new pavement was very nice on 255. 145 was also in excellent condition with new pavement and paint on the road. Marv's Place has quality diner food and friendly wait staff.
  10. I used the Scenic app on Apple phones To generate the route avoiding highways on the way down with a quick detour on OH 555 in Zanesville on the way out. The route back allowed highways, but included the best roads I encountered in WV getting back to larger roads.
  11. Removed a mouse nest from my air filter. My dryer outlet is about 20 feet from my garage and it was almost exclusively dryer lint and mouse hair.
  12. I rode up to the peak of Spruce Knob, WV yesterday and back home. 649 miles total. The WV 47 road and route up Spruce Knob had amazing 15 - 30 MPH marked curves with almost zero road debris or issues with the pavement in the turns.
  13. I’m a newer rider on a 2007 Honda 919. I’m looking for more people to ride with. I am open to travel all over Ohio and surrounding states for bigger rides.
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