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  1. Sounds like a plan, 🙂
  2. Thinning the herd? ☹️ GLWS!
  3. Not going to find much on the ways of curves out that way.
  4. I had a great time, it was a lot to digest in one day. I think I finally started getting into a rhythm by the end of the day. Unfortunately, I made plans for that weekend in October before I realized (Sunday) that I definitely wanted to go back. Should have started earlier in the season, lol. I appreciate the offer for sure... I'm a spunge at this point...I had quite a bit of interaction with I believe "Nate" who was super helpful. I'll definitely be doing a lot more days here in the future. Already Talked to the wife into budgeting a track day ever three weeks or so next year.
  5. Nice to meet you briefly Sunday while we were waiting to go out in track for the last session of novice.
  6. Looking forward to seeinh everyone, I chose to run #777, I have a MT09 with flo yellow rims and of course I'll be in novice.
  7. Anyone headed to Pittrace on Sunday 9/12? I registered for my very first track day there. Was hoping I might see some of you there.
  8. Made a quick trip out to Tazwell, VA to ride Saturday and came home this morning. Trailered out and meet some fellow Yamaha owners.
  9. I thought we'd be good here, with the maybe 15 people that will see this post. I'll keep it secret everywhere else, 😂
  10. We took 22 out Somerset to 664 south. Took that to Big pine road just south of Logan. This dumped us onto 374 to 180 into laurelville. Took 327 south out of town to 671 to 50 west back to 327 to 788 into Jackson. Had lunch there at Bob Evans. Took 124 out of town to wilkesville to 160 to 689 to 32 east to 143 to 50 west to 356 north (this road is covered with tar snakes) to 56 to 278 into Nelsonville. We took 33 west and @FatWilbursplit and took 93 back north. Overall the raids were great and a lot of fun. Really nice to ride done new roads for a change of pace.
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