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  1. Put new tires on and install 90* valve stems. Learned about about what to do when changing tires.l
  2. Not directly bike related but found a use for my latest stimulus check.
  3. That is definitely a quality piece! I won't insult you with my budget, lol. I was trying to keep it below fifty. I thought there might be someone that upgraded out of a Trackside or cheaper chock to a Baxley or other higher quality unit.
  4. Definitely, not....shhh I didn't say anything
  5. Yeah the wife nixed me getting another helmet. Loved this design and I love my current quantum x.
  6. Looking for a wheel chock similar that the one pictured here. This one is a Trackside brand. I'm trying to set the trailer up here for a second bike for a trip to the dragon this summer. Hoping someone might have one sitting around unused that will be willing to let it go at a reasonable price. Thanks, Muc
  7. I really enjoyed RT 27! Quite a fun little route usually catch it coming back from the allegheny national forest.
  8. It was tempting day to ride for sure!
  9. Sold, this thread can be closed
  10. I'm up for seeing where this ride goes next season!
  11. Muckles

    Brake free

    I'm all for whatever gets the Mrs to come along. So if it would make her feel safer and enjoy the experience more, I'm all for it!
  12. Muckles

    Brake free

    What jumps out to me first is that it's another thing that I'd have to charge. I have a hard enough time keeping my Bluetooth headset charged before rides. @ $170 it's not cheap, but can you put a price on safety? I kind of feel the same way about the A* Tech-air vests. I don't ride often at night so I'm not sure how much more visibility this would provide during the day. I just wonder how bright it is. Definitely interesting!
  13. I have the same project on my agenda here soon. This is what I went with.
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