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  1. Updated price to $300 obo.
  2. Brand new pair of SIDI ST Race boots Euro size 42. Asking for what I paid $300 shipping not included. Looks like they are retailing between $330 and $360 right now. https://www.chapmoto.com/sidi-st-race-boots-parent-043-9409-39?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwf39BRCCARIsALXWETxZqDEZZRY_SJ5ia7tDFHxxA-HbP03gOR0A-cX-S1K1Q-y6sBjyJJQaAmepEALw_wcB#92=84&250=26902 Only worn around the house for an hour or two. I really, really like these boots and hate that they just don't fit my wide ass foot! I'm not sure if I'd ordered a size larger if they would have fit. They just pintch in the toebox and cause my toes to go numb.
  3. Wish I could be of help, but I've never been down this road. Though It'd be great if you could post up your experience once completed. I'd definitely like to hear how it went and what they said did future reference if needed. Thanks and good luck!
  4. Wish I had the room to host, ☹️😭😭I had vision of a dirt track race crossed with demolition derby, haha Hey the zuma works, we can just make it an open class thing.
  5. I say we get as many members to buy one of these things and have weekly competitions in the cold and snow. I bet it would be a blast and I'd probably laugh all the way to the ER too, haha 🤪 http://www.sunday-motors.com/ltd-editions/
  6. Muckles

    New to me bike

    My dad had a Suzuki GSX 1100 G back in the day which we used to take weekend trips NY, WV etc. Great memories with that early sport touring bike. Would be nice to have the family join you.
  7. Muckles

    New to me bike

    Nice pickup! Amazes me that bikes that are that old only have 7,600 miles on them. Something I just will never understand but it's great for those of us looking for a good deal.
  8. Ohh buster.....I missed this post update.
  9. Thursday right now is looking promising, lol... But as we know things change.
  10. Looks like it's about 80% chance of rain. I'm not really up for riding in the rain. I'll keep an eye this even, but unless it changes in out for tomorrow sry.
  11. The smart guy who actually checks the weather before making plans. I'm being optimistic, lol
  12. I hope they don't as there's not much in the way of "good road" on the NEO!
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