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  1. It was a mixed bag between carry-out, drive-thru only and limited sit down eating. Some places never reopened. Over all it was good, we ate well and of course the roads were amazing.
  2. A picture from my weekend in North Carolina!
  3. I have not heard anything about the waiver of needing to search for work being reversed. Though I'm not positive and couldn't find any recent publications. I know I haven't been notified that this has change by the unemployment office yet. Not like this is very difficult just apply online and the emails will serve as records. Now if you don't want to work for a while only apply to jobs that you know you won't get 😉
  4. The more the market news is negative and the pundits are crying, the more I want to buy into the market. I think I probably missed this opportunity because the fear mongering has started to subside.
  5. The crash in 08-09 was the best thing that ever happened to me. I worked the whole time so I had money to put to work. Made out pretty darn good. This time around I'm not working, and hard to part with cash reserves when the future is unknown. Tempting and if I land a gig soon I'll start averaging in some positions.
  6. Well, it would be great if it works out, but there will always be another time. This isn't a typical year for anyone, but I try to get down to the mountains at three times each summer. That might not happen this year but we'll see.
  7. I figured I throw out the invitation. Quite a few of the guys that will be there are very fast riders and I know Nivin would really enjoy riding with them. I'm sure that life is hectic since the move.
  8. Hey @NinjaDoc, I'm going to be in NC the evening of Wednesday the 27th to the morning of Sunday the 31st. I am meeting a group of FZ 09 owners for our annual East coast rally. Anyone and bike is welcome. We're staying at Albert's adventure inn. I put the link below. I know it's quite a ways from where you're at, but thought I'd let you know I'd be in your state if you want to come out and ride the mountains with us. I'd love to have you join. http://www.alberts-burnsville.com/
  9. Thanks, I'll take a look. Any chance you might connect me with your friend? It's always better to get a connection on the other side of the HR black hole. No worries if you or they don't want to, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  10. I live in the Cleveland area, willing to relocate if necessary.
  11. I've been out of work since April 15th. Looking for an accounting position. Three years public accounting experience. Audit and income tax experience. Figured it was worth a shot.
  12. Muckles


    I hadn't given it any thought. That is actually a good idea. I'll have to take a look into them. The Sargent seat is pretty darn good, but anything that makes it easier to do more miles the better.
  13. Muckles


    I forgot about that seat pad, that was my temporary solution. I bought a Sargent seat and it was having warranty work done at the time of my trip. I do not miss the stock seat one iota
  14. Muckles


    Now this is there truth. Pictures from last year on the Cherohala.
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