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  1. Yup definitely not a fan, the lights on the MT aren't the greatest. Though there's too many things to dodge and I feel my vision isn't at good as I'd like it to be in order to ride the way I'd really want to ride. So I just don't do it.
  2. Yeah I swore off Dunlops, I will say it's a biased sample based on the crappy stock tires. I put on a new set of Bridgestone T31s and scrubbed them in on a 270 mile rip with @Skinny guy. So far so good, I was running the S22s.
  3. Welcome, we need pictures of the bike add soon as it comes in! I'm in Cleveland as well.
  4. If it had a job I'd make you an offer! GLWS someone needs these in thier life!
  5. My friend is also running the CRG arrows, with the CRG billet Adaptors.
  6. I'm running the Rhinomoto bar ends and CRG arrow mirrors on the 09, I asked my buddy about the 07 and I'll post up when I get the answer.
  7. Took a little ride yesterday. This pictures is from our trip back down 164. Ran into a grumpy bagger on the way up. We had been following him and his pinnion up 164 to Kilgore. He pulled into the general store lot on the corner and we did the same because a semi jumped in front of us and we didn't want to follow that all the way up. I said hi and he just cursed under his breath and pulled out of the lot. I think that was really uncalled for. Passed him the opposite way later in the day on route 212 and rightfully gave him the bird.
  8. I love watching people's runs, sad I'm not making this year.
  9. Yeah, this whole situation is just glaring fubar! I just don't know what world I live in sometimes.
  10. Well it might not be the largest crowd, but it's a gathering none the less. In these Covid days it's hard to ask for much more. I for one am looking forward to going and meeting those that are able to make it.
  11. Thanks @NinjaDoc i feel like you understood my point about casual browsers. Though I'm not sure we really need to make any adjustments. I agree that merging the threads would be confusing. I just posted the new tread so that people would have a reference to planning details.
  12. Yo yo...I hear ya.... As I said throwing ideas out there...I personally don't really care and didn't find anything I've seen here so far offensive. I tend to play the devil's advocate a lot and push the counter viewpoint to further conversations.
  13. Just some questions that I thought might have some bearing on the discussion. What face does the OR forum want to present to new members? Without historical context, new members can't read between the lines and assign meaning to the intentions of commenters. Shouldn't the establishment and protection of an inviting, safe and comfortable environment be the objective? Would this further the desire to expand participation and grow membership? I don't know, not saying that the original thread prompted these questions, but these occurred to me as the discussion unfolded here in this thread. Food for thought
  14. Route 50 would be infinity more interesting than 30. Depending on how much time you don't mind losing along the way there are several places to make some fun detours!
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