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  1. saw the video on your YT channel, looked like a lot of fun.
  2. JT72

    Let them die.

    how does that answer anything?
  3. JT72

    Let them die.

    I have a vested interest in this since i own HD stock, but I am curious as to why anyone would want a American company to die out? they employee around 6000 factory employees in the US , plus dealer staff in its 700 dealerships, and a shit load of truck drivers and techs. Like it or not they account for more than half the motorcycles sold in the USA, without the benefit of ATV and dirt bikes being counted as total sales. Hate them if you want but wanting a US company to fold because you don't like their product is horseshit. Did you want GM and Dodge to fold when they took our bailout mon
  4. JT72

    Let them die.

    Somebody is buying Harley's, its all you see around NE Ohio. I see a few triumphs hear and there, a good amount of gold wings , a sprinkling of sport bikes , and BMW's. Rarely see a Indian, or KTM in the wild. There are few high end Italian bikes parked in front of coffee shops but its only on Sunday mornings.
  5. buy some tread locker, you are going to need a lot of it. My 98 S3T shakes like a dog shitting razorblades.
  6. JT72


    Silly was my intent.... I can throw my 800lb bike around pretty good when needed, but I'm not showing anybody a wheel. Besides, I'm just chubby, not obese.
  7. JT72


    Easy, one of those bloated, obese, Harley riders might show you a wheel mid conrner some day ....
  8. hello ! love the motor in your bike.
  9. yeah, just saw the C-bus in his profile. oops.
  10. Just for Fun Honda, Middlefield, Ohio. 20 min from Bainbridge.
  11. nice, feel to do the same to me- I'm the guy on a murdered out Roadglide wearing an ADV helmet. hard to miss., I get a lot of weird looks from the V-twin crowd.
  12. thank you. I watch your channel on Youtube
  13. hi durk, right now it's the Vstrom. I had that bikes motor in the past in the Suzuki TLS and SV 1000 so I'm enjoying the torque. I camp out your way at Kenissee Lake.
  14. Hello, found the site and thought it looked intersting so i signed up. live in the Chardon area, near Cleveland. I ride a Harleys, Buells and late last year purchased a brand new leftover 2014 Suzuki Vstrom 1000 . so far I'm loving it. Nice to meet all of you.
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