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  1. JT72


    Silly was my intent.... I can throw my 800lb bike around pretty good when needed, but I'm not showing anybody a wheel. Besides, I'm just chubby, not obese.
  2. JT72


    Easy, one of those bloated, obese, Harley riders might show you a wheel mid conrner some day ....
  3. hello ! love the motor in your bike.
  4. yeah, just saw the C-bus in his profile. oops.
  5. Just for Fun Honda, Middlefield, Ohio. 20 min from Bainbridge.
  6. nice, feel to do the same to me- I'm the guy on a murdered out Roadglide wearing an ADV helmet. hard to miss., I get a lot of weird looks from the V-twin crowd.
  7. thank you. I watch your channel on Youtube
  8. hi durk, right now it's the Vstrom. I had that bikes motor in the past in the Suzuki TLS and SV 1000 so I'm enjoying the torque. I camp out your way at Kenissee Lake.
  9. Hello, found the site and thought it looked intersting so i signed up. live in the Chardon area, near Cleveland. I ride a Harleys, Buells and late last year purchased a brand new leftover 2014 Suzuki Vstrom 1000 . so far I'm loving it. Nice to meet all of you.
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