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  1. Jared

    2012 Yamaha FZ6R

    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  2. Jared

    2012 Yamaha FZ6R

    Ok $3700 is the bottom dollar, it really is like a brand new bike though.
  3. Jared

    2012 Yamaha FZ6R

    Well $3750 was the final drop, that's a good deal and I think I'll just store it at a relatives house for any less. Thanks for the advice though! 👍
  4. Nope, she needs to take safety foundation class. @RidersDiscount hooked us up with Sena 20S dual pack and some other gear and we've done about 750 miles together this year. The house is selling and she wants to travel the country for a month or two, so my bike is actually for sale. Will get another as soon as we return and have her take the msf class.
  5. Gee whiz, I was looking at new old stock z125s this spring, couldn't find a local one for less than I believe $2900, was looking for something for my wife, but decided to wait.
  6. What do you lube that frequently, the chain? I do chain every 400 miles, is there something else you should do regularly?
  7. Very comfortable 600 with 3350 miles, well maintained, garage kept, new Dunlop Roadsmart 3s at 2700 miles this spring. Regularly washed and waxed. All fluids/filters changed last fall, oil just changed again this spring. Smoked windscreen, sequential integrated rear turn signals/brake light, rear spools, and USB power outlet. Needs nothing. Asking $3900, selling because I'm going to be traveling for a while and don't know how long it'd be sitting in storage.
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