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  1. What mirrors & bar ends are you guys using? Need to get rid of the stock ones on my MT 07
  2. Multiple school districts in different counties in Southeast Ohio have shut down athletics for the next 2+ weeks. Players going out of town(not all necessarily out of state) and bringing it back with them. Even if the players themselves are not at risk for serious issues, their coaches & parents could be. Lots of kids with asthma, diabetes & other issues as well to think about.
  3. I’m usually not a fan but some bikes really pull them off and yours looks nice!
  4. Walmart has a decent deal on rubber dumbbells, $18 for a 20lbs. so I bought a pair. Browsing through Craigslist for a squat rack and I came across a guy In Columbus trying to sell 2 of the same dumbbells(with tags attached) for $90!
  5. Use to have a Grom and I kick myself almost daily for selling it. Little bikes are an absolute blast around town!
  6. Luckily, I didn’t find any on myself. I stay out of the grassy areas and stick to the woods as much as possible though.
  7. Was it in Zanesville? There are 2 older folks with motorized chairs that are always trying to ride them on Maple Ave(busiest road in East Ohio) or down Maysville Pike.
  8. Still super muddy out at The Wilds but had a nice ride the other day. Glad to have my old Santa Cruz on days like that.
  9. Draft the letter and keep it. It’ll make you feel better but don’t use it, yet. Like others have said, verbally tell him(again) that you don’t want them using your driveway. Starting today, I would keep a running log of how many times you get physically see them use your yard/driveway. A fence is a great idea but it looks like that might be a ln awkward spot to put one but a few well placed large rocks(with some landscaping around them) should do the trick and will clean up the look of the mudpit!
  10. Road at the wilds the this morning before the rain came. Pretty muddy but wasn’t the worst I’ve seen it this time of year.
  11. Facts. I have spent my entire life dealing with migraines that would knock me on my ass for 2-3 days at a time. Zero medicines tried over 10 years worked but guess what does? Tinctures and edibles have literally changed my life 100% for the better.
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