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  1. Hey you should know but in seriousness i'm putting it up a bit sooner than i'd like. I hate to cut my season short and see it go, but it's looking like my ship date is going to be a bit unpredictable and i could be leaving sooner than i anticipated. I just want to break even with the price i bought it for after taxes, despite the extra work put in.
  2. This bike has served me well since I got it off Pauly, but I’m going to be moving out of state and it can't come with me. I'm not in a huge rush to sell since I have some time still, but recently a buddy of mine has had a tragic accident so I thought i'd put it up to give me some peace of mind. It has had zero issues since I bought it in february. Since then I've bought a new set of tires which are practically still brand new, had some brake work done and an oil change done all professionally. This was my first bike and she was a blast to learn on, i hope she goes somewhere good next. I mainly kept it in my basement, which did lead me to dropping it once on the right side when trying to maneuver it around down there. The only damage from that incident was the rear brake pedal is bent inwards, but is still fully functional. the right fender also has a small crack due to an unrelated incident, i chopped it up to road debris damage since I can't pinpoint anything that happened between me noticing it and the last picture i have that shows it had nothing wrong. Comes with a custom gel seat from the previous owner, the tool kit, and the battery tender. $2400 obo
  3. my friends are scared of going out in the dark, but i find it to be far more serene and joyful than being stuck in traffic in the sun.
  4. Best I can do is $1950 take it or leave it
  5. Feeling pretty good right about now
  6. All the gyms are closed and I’m going crazy, someone link me if there’s any weights to be found in the west Cleveland area
  7. I'm just messing around, I haven't even brought myself to go full throttle yet
  8. I ain't afraid of a challenge @Bad324 My buddy (ninja 250) and I had a blast ripping the Metroparks, kinda sad I didn't start on a liter bike
  9. Weather is supposed to go up to 60 degrees in the Cleveland/North-East area this Sunday/Monday, better catch some of you out there.
  10. Sending this to my friends.. looks like a lil weapon
  11. Hey all so it's about time I introduced myself since I do want to be more active here. My names Jake, I'm the one who bought Pauly's FZ6 I live in the Cleveland area and I look forward to riding with y'all!
  12. Hey there thank you, it has been a dream so far, planning on taking it out this weekend with the 50-degree weather inbound I'm just thankful we got it home safe, if I ever catch you at a meet this summer I'll have to share with you the story of getting it off the trailer.
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