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  1. LilCasper

    April 25: 6th Annual NEO Meat & Greet

    Long as the sun shines count me in
  2. LilCasper

    Broke ass kid

    Hey all so it's about time I introduced myself since I do want to be more active here. My names Jake, I'm the one who bought Pauly's FZ6 I live in the Cleveland area and I look forward to riding with y'all!
  3. LilCasper

    Xbox One X - $230

    Update: Sold.
  4. LilCasper

    Xbox One X - $230

    Hey there thank you, it has been a dream so far, planning on taking it out this weekend with the 50-degree weather inbound I'm just thankful we got it home safe, if I ever catch you at a meet this summer I'll have to share with you the story of getting it off the trailer.
  5. LilCasper

    Xbox One X - $230

    Just trying to get rid of it to get some money for a better helmet. No defects on the console itself has been kept in an open and cool environment its whole life. I also have Forza Horizon 4 for an extra $25 if that's what you're into. Cash Only.