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  1. Katoom

    Triple Nickel 2/28

    So, looks like the 28th won't work, but 50s on Sunday.... That looks far more promising.
  2. Katoom

    Triple Nickel 2/28

    Yeah, when I lived on the coast I took several rides where I saw a "wet" area ahead that prompted me to pull my clutch and keep the bike as straight upright as possible.
  3. Katoom

    Triple Nickel 2/28

    Yeah, with the ice and snow we have today, looks like Sunday may be a better day for a ride. Should have time for traffic to push most of the nasty off the road from today and tomorrow. Thank you for the heads up on the possible nasty spots @Shoop. @2talltim, I ride a 1290SAR with heavily worn 50/50 tires currently, there will be no "spirited riding" until I get a set of new tires on the bike. This is planned as an exploring trip, not a go fast trip. Thank you for the warning though.
  4. Katoom

    Triple Nickel 2/28

    Sorry, was thinking more along the lines of areas that are frequented by ice/standing water, etc. It is supposed to rain up through tomorrow with a chance of snow following. With a high of 32 on Friday, I am guessing it will most likely be pretty cold and likely to have ice in areas where trees cover the road all day. (experience from my time in Oregon) Is this typically an issue along the above roads, or is the road generally open to the sun?
  5. Looking at taking a ride from Columbus area through Perry State Park to the Triple Nickel South to Little Hocking, then back via any route we decide. Having never done the route, looking for info on how wise this route would be. Likelihood of ice, etc. Supposed to be a high of 32 that day, but I am riding heated gear, and haven't had a long ride in WAY too long. This ride to work just isn't scratching the itch.
  6. Katoom

    Smokey Mountain 500 ride

    Definitely looks like something I would be interested in. You planning on riding the the V-Strom?
  7. Katoom

    FS: No-Mar Tire Changer/Wheel Balancer

    Yes, you can buy the floor mount for this. It is about $120 from the manufacturer, but you will need something to bolt it to. This is the revised floor mount option. https://www.nomartirechanger.com/No_Mar_Tire_Changer_Floor_Stand_p/tc-stand.htm You can still call to verify, but bolt holes look correct. I use the hitch mount version currently, though looking at the floor mount myself. The only time I have ever come close to hitting the truck, was when I was connecting the tire changer to the truck. Almost slid it into the hitch to far.
  8. Katoom

    Returning Ohioan

    Just made it back. Little late for a ride. Did ya'll go?
  9. Katoom

    Perry light dirt trip Feb 28 or 29

    Ouch, guess that rules out the dirt trails, what about any gravel roads in the area? Could take the big bike on those.
  10. New to the area, just looking for some light off road. I am riding a 701 Enduro with wore out 50/50 tires, so nothing super treacherous. If the Perry is too nasty for light trails, I will be happy for an alternate location, and I have better tires, but I am planning on riding to Perry. Of course this is all weather dependent.
  11. Katoom

    April 25: 6th Annual NEO Meat & Greet

    Weather and health pending, sounds like a good time to meet everyone.
  12. Katoom

    Returning Ohioan

    I would love to, but I am out of town until around 3-4 at the earliest Sunday, which is late to start a ride. This will be the last time I make this trip out of town for a while, so definitely keep me in mind for upcoming rides.
  13. Katoom

    FS: No-Mar Tire Changer/Wheel Balancer

    Hocking Hills area huh? My wife and I are looking at moving down that way once our house in AL is sold. Until then I am renting an apartment (groan) in Groveport. I have yet to get the maintenance lift, but am looking forward to having a nice garage with a lift in our next place. I made it to March Moto Madness last year (moved up here from Northern AL in January) but didn't get to do many of the rides due to lack of riding partners. My wife loves to ride, but can't do really long rides, or really rough rides. Long way of saying, don't give up riding yet, I just moved to the area.
  14. Katoom

    Mid-Ohio in May

    Too cold, not enough interested individuals, summer break?
  15. Katoom

    FS: No-Mar Tire Changer/Wheel Balancer

    Ah, wasn't sure if you have moved up to a hydraulic tire machine. I understand if you are not riding as much. I have had mine for a year and a half and have more than a dozen take off tires at my old house. My wife rides, I have several bikes, and I do tires for some of my buddies, so it has paid for itself several times over already.