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  1. Katoom

    Returning Ohioan

    Yeah, I had a problem with the Husqvarna with the front brakes. The bike had a bad ABS module, and I had a horrible service work on the bike. Took them over 60 days to repair it. I should of started the lemon law process sooner than I did. I would have a new bike, or no payment...
  2. Katoom

    Misc Adventures

    From a trip to the Dragon with my xDiavel S. Great bike for twisties, not so fun on bumpy roads.
  3. Katoom

    Returning Ohioan

    Hello all, Been away from Ohio for a long time. Moved into the Columbus area, but still house hunting. Once we get settled I will be looking at hopefully some track time, some dirt trails, and maybe a ride down to GA for the big BDR event in May. I enjoy most vehicles with two wheels and a motor. My current ride is my KTM 1290 Super Adventure R. Only used the R on a few trails, mostly just using the Super. :) Keep the shiny side up. :)