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  1. meadeam

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I put this giant headlight on the DT. If I move it up, it will double as a windscreen.
  2. meadeam

    Scala Rider Q Solo

    Thanks, I'll consider it. I am sure you'll sell it soon, but I may grab it if it hangs around awhile.
  3. meadeam

    Scala Rider Q Solo

    I've never used a bluetooth device of any kind while riding, and thusly am completely ignorant of this technology (not bluetooth broadly, but this category of device specifically). Save me from Googling it myself and tell me why I do or do not want the Q-Solo.
  4. meadeam

    winter bike ritual

    I will be as well. I do plan to change the oil and coolant, as well as top off the tank. I may or may not bother with stabilizer and then it's just up on the center stand until we get a warm, salt free day. I might have the DT smoking by then as well.
  5. meadeam

    winter bike ritual

    Have we all put 'em up for the winter yet? I got to ride on Sunday, then suddenly winter. I haven't done anything to the FZ yet besides park it. It has anti-freeze in it though so I'm not feeling like a terrible person yet.
  6. meadeam

    Winter entertainment!!

    Nice. I wish I had a heated place to work. I neglected to do some painting jobs on my vintage enduro project before it got cold as balls out.
  7. meadeam

    New Honda CBR

    Can't remember if it was a superbike or motogp rider who when ceremonially presented with a Fireblade back in the day said something like "you'd have to be a f*ckin idiot to ride this thing on the street." Somebody here probably remembers who it was. Probably easy enough to narrow down to Honda riders when the Fireblade came out.
  8. meadeam

    Need a title...

    This looks promising! The DT360 displaces 351cc, so I'm in luck.
  9. meadeam

    Need a title...

    😂🤣.... thanks for the pro tip! I would actually do this if I could find a titled example cheap enough. I've got half an eye out for a non-running, titled example. Apparently West Virginia titles are easy to get? I will do some internet sleuthing on the matter... Just so nobody thinks I am a crook, I bought the bike from the nephew of the original owner. The older gentleman to whom the bike was last registered had misplaced the title, and had no interest in applying for a duplicate from OH. The bike had been sitting uncovered in his barn for a couple decades before taking up residence under a blue tarp behind the nephews garage after a half-hearted attempt at getting it running again.
  10. meadeam

    Need a title...

    I'm looking for a loophole for procuring a title for a bike. Long story shorty, I bought the bike knowing I wouldn't be able to title it. I don't care too much, but if it isn't too much bother I would try to get it road legal. I've already looked into a builder or re-built title in my state of KY, and neither will be possible in my case since the bike has been titled in the past.
  11. meadeam

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Still a long way to go before it's trail worthy, but should be able to light the fire soon.
  12. meadeam

    Dream Bikes

    I think it makes perfect sense, and most of the time I feel the same way. I suppose that is why the Scrambler is a tough call for me. A more sensible choice would be a GS, Tiger, or even a VStrom. They would all work perfectly for my purposes, but wouldn't be nearly as self-indulgent.
  13. meadeam

    Dream Bikes

    I'm kind of irritated that Triumph seems to have me cornered with the new Scrambler 1200. Scramblers are mostly a styling exercise, but this one has actual chops, and I happen to love classic bikes. It is not a sensible choice at all, which makes me want it even more.
  14. meadeam

    Dream Bikes

    Quick shift and auto-blip on a street bike is probably pretty good fun, but on a track bike it would be absolutely amazing. I'm going to avoid it on my first track bike just so I can be even more stoked when I do get it.
  15. meadeam

    Dream Bikes

    Not out of the question, and certainly how I dealt with similar situations before marriage. It will be tough to find her though. I have the curse of the introvert; I would like to meet people but am unwilling to tolerate being around people to do it.