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  1. This recently happened to me. My issue was that while testing the circuit to determine running vs turning lights, I shorted something and blew my tail light fuse. For some reason I don't fully understand, this meant I had a brake light but no tail, running, or turning lights. I was still testing 2V on the turn signal circuits, not enough to make them flash. When I found the blown fuse for the tail light, it all went back to normal. Your circuit sounds different, but could be a similar issue. I am sure you've checked for blown fuses though?
  2. I got to ride it. The rain didn't start until I was literally turning onto my street on the way home. I told the Universe to go Fcuk itself a little less emphatically than usual. .
  3. It's a knock-off kit from China, but it is a copy (visually and aesthetically but not in quality) of the European FZ6N. I think the FZ1N does have an entirely different headlight though.
  4. Finished installing the FZ6N conversion kit. None if the fasteners fit properly, parts were missing, the main stay is poorly constructed and all the tapped and thread holes are off. It is also nearly impossible to install without cutting the wiring and relocating the connectors and flasher inside the frame (stock FZ6S they are out front in the fairing). I'm happy the bike is now naked, and I wanted an OEM look, but in hindsight I probably would source custom parts and use a round headlight bucket. I may still do that.
  5. Damn... Got caught slippin'
  6. I started the pandemic with 8 spare rolls on hand and haven't even used them all yet. I have 3 bathrooms and 2 kids. Idiots.
  7. Somewhere a CBR rider is angrily posting about the beemer that passed him on the inside. Or, more likely he is pretending it never happened and will tell no one.
  8. I mean there's technically an event taking registrations, but I'm not hopeful. I'll defer to the people who know about track conditions. Pandemic wise If this damn virus hits peak infection rates in the US this week, I think by mid May we may see an easing of restrictions. We won't be back to normal for several months, and I believe there's going to be a new normal. This is going to stick with us awhile. So yeah, mid-summer is a much more realistic estimate. If I pretend I have something to do in May maybe I'll get my shit in a pile and be ready.
  9. I got all excited about track last fall/winter when there were only a couple events left and I wasn't prepared. Then I slowly forgot about it over the winter, now I am getting stoked again but am still not prepared. I might try Mid Ohio in may if it isn't cold and/or drizzly. That is if I manage to put the receiver on my car and finish converting the sailboat trailer I'll be hauling my bike on. And buy some leather... yeah, I did nothing over the winter.
  10. After one last ride with the aerodynamic torture device that is the FZ6 fairing, I finally removed it. I wanted to like that fairing and tried a couple different windscreens but the only one that didn't turn my helmet into a knuckle ball was comically tall for this bike. New parts should arrive today. Hopefully I'm not down long and all the wires find a home without me having to cut and shorten anything. I really like the new view from the cockpit.
  11. After all the multiple threads I started trying to figure out what track bike to get, I've finally decided to just ride the bike I have. We'll see where it leads me. But now the question is what sticker should I cover the dent with?
  12. I've actually decided to take this route. I'm going to ride this bike on the track in 2020, greatly increasing the chances of adding more dents and rash. I'll save the nice paint for my next bike.
  13. My Fz6 has some plasti-rash and a silver dollar size dent in the tank. The bike probably isn’t worth it, but it looks like I’m keeping it for a long time and I want it to look good. Let me know if you’ve had good luck with painting and dent repair anywhere in Cincinnati. If you do this kind of work, PM me.
  14. I put this giant headlight on the DT. If I move it up, it will double as a windscreen.
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