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  1. Yeah one of my mangers fiancé is going to come down and take a look at it he & his dad have a local car & bike shop here in town. His dad does more of the bike end but he said he’d look at it before we run it down.
  2. Well darn too bad I could have had y’all rolling for days had they still been here then. 1. Although this is the first bike I’ll be working on I have worked on cars, quads, boats & jet skis all my life. So I have pretty good idea. 2. I’m pretty much an asshole, and fuckery is my first language. 3. I enjoy entertaining an audience.
  3. Rebecca here, I grew up on the back of my dad‘s motorcycle I don’t even know how many poker runs I’ve been to. Always been a ski boat, dun buggy, quad, dirt bike, need for speed kind of person. Decided last month that I was going to go ahead get my temps, take Ohio’s motorcycle course & start looking for a Yamaha VStar 650. Figured I’d keep my eye out through the winter ...that didn’t last, bought one a 06’ yesterday. Great deal, the guy is friends with a good friend, runs great, but has to be jumped. He did put a new battery & voltage regulator on it. I have my ideas, based on working on cars, figured starter would be where I would start if the battery checked out. But I have never worked on a motorcycle so what is y’all‘s thoughts?
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