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  1. Iggy

    Weather for two wheels.

    Dunno if this is right place to start a thread with this question... Lol.. But anyone planning to go out riding this weekend in Columbus area?
  2. Nah lol I'm having too much fun watching the debate. Also there's bunch of useful information.
  3. I ride ktm duke 390 with tire 150/60/17, was thinking to bump it up to 160. It's not hard to find same spec tire just thought it might do better. Also is it normal for tire to wear out completely after 4k miles? But then again I'm a heavy set dude lol 😮
  4. Yeah got her home without any problem just bummed that I couldn't continue with you guys. Didn't go to Iron pony yet, need to figure out what tire I want on there, also was thinking to get a tad wider tire, theoretically should do better in a curve?
  5. I should be there as well. Medium.
  6. Iggy

    Yet another newbie

    Sweet I put my voice in!
  7. Iggy

    Yet another newbie

    We absolutely should!
  8. Iggy

    Yet another newbie

    Nah I'm not "dildo" kinda guy lol 🍆 I think this one will work better lmao. And yeah I'm in Hilliard.
  9. Iggy

    Yet another newbie

    I think I'm pretty resistant lol . Thanks for the welcome tho! Thanks! It's very fun bike to ride. I'm 5"7 and I have no problem with the Duke. You can also adjust height of the bike a bit to, lower it.
  10. Iggy

    Yet another newbie

    Thanks! A little bit over a year.
  11. Iggy

    Yet another newbie

    Hi to everyone. Moved here from Chicago in March and enjoying Ohio roads. Looking for people to ride with, it's getting boring riding on my own lol. For now riding 2018 KTM Duke 390... If anyone is up for rides or feels generous to invite into existing ones hit me up lol! Safe ride everyone!