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  1. Hi all. I just joined the forum, found this thread and want to introduce myself. I’ve been riding since 2012 and just picked up a 2019 BMW 850 GS Rallye yesterday, which I proudly introduced to its first gravel, dirt and creek crossings today. Looking forward to connecting and getting dirty. Cheers.
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    Right on. I’ll find them.
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    Hi all. Looking to connect with communities of riders who enjoy gravel, dirt, mud and water crossings as much as I do. Day-trips, extended trips, country roads, twistys, whatever it is, I’m in. I’ve been riding since 2012. My first bike was a Triumph Tiger 800 XC, and just yesterday I purchased a new BMW 850 GS Rallye. It’s too clean, so today I’m going to introduce it to its calling—off-road. Looking forward to connecting.