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  1. goldenpony

    Exhaust question

    Does anybody happen to have a video/audio clip of a Suzuki C50 with Vance and Hines slash cut pipes with Super Q baffles?
  2. goldenpony

    Bought a new set of tires...

    Goldwings rock!
  3. goldenpony

    Bought a new set of tires...

    What tires did you buy?
  4. goldenpony

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Looked longingly at it and mowed the grass instead,
  5. goldenpony

    Insurance carrier

    As I said, IO am with Celina Insurance Group. I have full coverage on my C50 and liability only on wife's FT500 Ascot. I am paying $93 a year for both bikes.
  6. goldenpony

    Vozz helmet

    Me too
  7. goldenpony

    Vozz helmet

    Has anybody tried a Vozz "clamshell" helmet?
  8. goldenpony

    Insurance carrier

    I would NEVER do business with Geico. Years ago I read they buy and donate radar/laser guns to the police-why? so they can raise premiums-duh. I'm with Celina Insurance Group. Never had any issues with them, reasonable rates.
  9. goldenpony

    Hello from Loveland, Ohio

    Quiet, it's a big secret. We just tell everybody we make weather balloons.
  10. goldenpony

    Hello from Loveland, Ohio

    My name is Jim. I am 73 yrs. old. I am retired after 35 years at GE Aviation. My first bike was a Sears MoPed. Since then I have had a number of bikes. My current ride is a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard C50. My wife has her own bike, a 1982 Honda Ascot FT 500. Glad to have found this web site. We have 3 grandsons, and soon a great grandson, and 5 indoor cats. I am a UFO freak. Hello all.