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  1. Ozzie

    Oil pressure light. Help!

    I’ll have to see if I have some time next week to get it figured out. Thanks guys!
  2. Ozzie

    Oil pressure light. Help!

    The light wasn’t on when I had my my old gauges, and the bike sounds fine while running (no clunking or rattling noises) so I’m thinking it has something to do with the new led’s I installed. I’ve also checked the oil levels several times after running the bike, and they were sufficient.
  3. Ozzie

    Oil pressure light. Help!

    I’m not sure it’s a ground shorting out elsewhere because the oil pressure indicator light has a specific ground (red/blue wire), and I’ve traced that wire from the indicator down to the switch, and everything appears to be fine.
  4. Ozzie

    Oil pressure light. Help!

    I removed the oil pressure switch and turned the engine over resulting in oil coming out of that spot. That should mean I have adequate pressure. Correct?
  5. Ozzie

    Oil pressure light. Help!

    The oil pressure light still stays on when the bike is running, and I manually ground the wire going to the oil pressure switch.
  6. Ozzie

    Oil pressure light. Help!

    I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks!
  7. Ozzie

    Oil pressure light. Help!

    I’ve been having a similar problem on my 1979 CB750L. I changed all the lights to led’s, but my oil pressure light stays on. I bought a new oil pressure switch, and I have enough oil and oil pressure. After reading this forum, I think I need a resistor, but I’m not sure where exactly. Do I need to put one by the stop light warning unit, down by the oil pressure switch, or in line with the taillights? Any help would be great!