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  1. Leon614

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Link returns null values. To fix it, remove the "-submitted" text in the URL.
  2. Leon614

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Message sent successfully to Rep. Laura Lanese.
  3. Leon614

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Senator Kunzes office just called me back, they said there’s still a chance this may be back on, the house and senate are meeting today-this weekend on this bill. If it doesn’t, Rep McClaine has introduced a stand-alone bill which is HB 129 which is trying to get motorcyclists to be able to wear earplugs. I just got the call and haven’t been able to look any of this up online yet.
  4. Leon614

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    I called District 16 Senator Kunze yesterday, it went to voicemail so I left a quick message saying all that Tonik asked us to say. I also stressed that this is to combat wind noise. I was talking to one of my non-biker friends and mentioned that it's illegal to wear earplugs on a motorcycle. His response was "Well don't get a loud exhaust then." The majority of people don't know wind noise can be damaging to hearing even when wearing a helmet. I didn't know that myself until I started riding last year. The most frustrating part is that literally no one opposes this, it's frustrating that some committee can remove it without having any explanations.
  5. Leon614

    Leo Intro

    Ninja, the Grom seemed like a good idea until I took it out on the roads. I quickly realized the straight roads we find here in Columbus aren't a good match for Groms. Southwest Ohio is just a bit far out for my Grom, maybe with a bigger bike I could make the trip on a Saturday. Thinking about picking up an MT07 or CB500F. Maybe CB650F? Tim, I live in the westside outerbelt of Columbus.
  6. Leon614

    Leo Intro

    Hello all, I bought my first bike in September 2017, I always thought bikes were cool but never bought one until last year. I ride a Grom for now and I'm going to be upgrading very soon. Just joining this forum so I can be up to date with Ohio laws and events. Hope to make some friends along the way also.
  7. Leon614

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    So using your link, I looked up my district senator. But before I call I have some questions. You said " Let them know we made passed the House last year with 100 percent yes votes." Who is the "we" you are referring to? Do we use a senate bill number as a reference? Or do I just call the senator and say that I'm a rider trying to get earplugs legalized? I don't think they'll have any clue of what I'm referring to. Thanks for the help, I'd like to give my senator a call today.