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  1. DanLovesToSail

    Saturday 4-6

    Unfortunately I’ve got enough stuff going on tomorrow that getting out to akron that early to ride probably isn’t in the cards, maybe I’ll be able to run in to you guys another time. Or maybe a miracle will happen and I’ll wind up down there anyways
  2. DanLovesToSail

    Saturday 4-6

    Frank and Tonys in Willoughby does it on Saturdays from 11am-4pm but you have to buy booze. The Anderson's in Mentor on the Lake also does it on Wednesdays from 7pm-close. They're pretty good wings too.
  3. DanLovesToSail

    Saturday 4-6

    Depending on what time you guys meet up on Saturday I might be able to tag along, depending on if it conflicts with 20 cent wing day
  4. DanLovesToSail

    Hello everyone

    That sounds pretty excellent, I'm looking forward to see one this one can do once I really get in to it. One step at a time though. My buddy got himself a gsx-1000 that he let me put a few miles on last summer, I really liked riding it although I thought the suspension was a little hard and the position was a little too aggressive for the longer types of trips I'm planning on doing on this bandit. Although he didnt seem to have any issues on a multi-day ride we did, so maybe that was just me being a baby and I would've gotten used to it.
  5. DanLovesToSail

    Hello everyone

    @Gixxus Christ! I looked at some of the first gen bandits but frankly wanted something with efi to hopefully spend less time messing around with carbs. The reviews are pretty spot on for this bike, the instant low end torque is pretty exciting and the mid range is good, but there's definitely no high end rush by. Holeshot makes a tuner though that seems to really improve on that, so that with an exhaust and a lower profile windshield are first on my to-do list with this bike. We'll have to see when we can meet up, or when we both go to one of these events
  6. DanLovesToSail

    Hello everyone

    Pretty sure as far as the dog is concerned he does live in a castle with his own servants.
  7. DanLovesToSail

    Hello everyone

    Thanks for the welcome, I might be able to come out on the 27th. It’s a Bandit 1250, and as requested here’s a photo of the currently unnamed bike and the dog, his name is Fang.
  8. DanLovesToSail

    Hello everyone

    Hello, my name is Dan. I started riding bikes a while back in Toledo when I was still in school, and have since moved to the Cleveland area. I started with a Suzuki Volusia that I still have but now mostly ride the newer (to me) Suzuki Bandit. Can’t wait for it to warm up a bit more to be able to get out and ride again.