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  1. Yup, was glad to see that nothing controversial was tagged on. Now if it would have been tied with the pay raise, it would be a done deal!😆
  2. Just a point of awareness, see the attachment for what HB 548 looks like now "As Reported by the Senate Transportation, Commerce and Workforce Committee." Some additions to the bill besides the motorcycle hearing protection provision. " . . . amend sections 4511.84, 4513.34, and 5577.15 of the Revised Code to permit a person to wear earphones or earplugs for hearing protection while operating a motorcycle, to alter the requirements governing special regional heavy hauling permits, and to provide an exception to the vehicle size and weight limits to a person who is traveling to the site of an emergency to tow a vehicle or who is returning from the place where the vehicle was towed." hb548_03_RS.pdf
  3. Noticed a slight error in the copy correspondence - it is HB 548 (rather than SB 548). The pols should be smart enough to figure it out?
  4. Email out to Senator Uecker.
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