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  1. There's no such thing as a pick 6 game in Ohio. SMH
  2. Copy/Paste.....deal with it. Heart disease 1 in 6 Cancer 1 in 7 All preventable causes of death 1 in 25 Chronic lower respiratory disease 1 in 26 Suicide 1 in 86 Opioid overdose 1 in 98 Motor-vehicle crash 1 in 106 Fall 1 in 111 Gun assault 1 in 298 Pedestrian incident 1 in 541 Motorcyclist 1 in 890 Drowning 1 in 1,121 Fire or smoke 1 in 1,399 Choking on food 1 in 2,618 Bicyclist 1 in 4,060 Sunstroke 1 in 7,770 Accidental gun discharge 1 in 9,077 Electrocution, radiation, extreme temperatures, and pressure 1 in 12,484 Sharp objects 1 in 29,483 Hot surfaces and substances 1 in 45,186 Hornet, wasp, and bee stings 1 in 53,989 Cataclysmic storm 1 in 54,699 Dog attack 1 in 118,776 Lightning 1 in 180,746 Kung Flu is about 1 in 2350. So you're somewhere between dying from a fire/smoke and choking on food. Your mask would just burn if you're on fire and would send the food back to your lungs if you were choking. So you're better off without it. And since dying on a motorcycle is 1 in 890 (almost 3 times higher than COVID, are you going to sell it to be safe? Because if you don't, that's hypocritical.
  3. Ohio Covid 19 percentages to Ohio population. Total Cases 1.2% Deaths 0.037% Hospitalizations 0.129% Total number of cases 148,894 Recovered 128,369 Open Cases 20,525 or 0.1755%
  4. Today will make 67 days since the Mask mandate began on July 23rd. There have been 70,859 positive cases from July 23 to September 28. Taking a look at 67 days prior to the mandate (May 24-July 23), there were 48,256 positive cases. So there has been 22,603 additional cases for the same time frame of 67 days! To put things in perspective, the entire month of May had 16,810. and June 16,866. July had the most positives with 38,760 and August had 32,085. We are already at 27,824 for September. The ironic thing is the Ohio Department of Health said we are at an all time low of 2.9 % positive rate. Of the positive results, the survival rate is 99+%.
  5. I just wanted to quote that...because kung-flu hasn't been around long term yet to quantify long term affects. Silly hoax statements.
  6. Average life expectancy is the US is 78. "Old people" who are most at risk are dying anyways. DeWine, being about 73, is just scared and forcing everyone to live like they already have one foot in the grave...like him. Survival rates: - 0 to 19 yrs old is 99.997% - 20 to 49 yrs old is 99.98% - 50 to 69 yrs old is 99.5% - 70+ yrs old is 94.6% Let people decide their own way of living over a virus that is minimally fatal. You have a higher chance of being shot and killed in Chicago than dying of the kung-flu in Ohio.
  7. https://www.gazetaexpress.com/this-is-lake-trump-and-it-is-in-kosovo/
  8. Menchies closing permanently. https://fox8.com/news/menchies-closing-all-northeast-ohio-frozen-yogurt-shops-permanently/?fbclid=IwAR3IA-njYg1_uFDMD_Z_hJEqotR0dr_4--mqpiRGye24cYjI3DdPRx3AY5A
  9. I respect your point of view on this, I really do. The only thing I'd say is that I see masks/helmet comparison as I should wear a helmet at all times since they prevent brain injuries...period. That's a true statement but not practical. Thanks for keeping it civil. If we meet, I'd wear a mask near you and buy the first round.
  10. You can't have a civil discussion without personal attacks. Go away until you're mature enough to act like an adult.
  11. I numbered things to keep it straight, not trying to make anything else out of it. 1. This is the question/answer I don't understand the most. You wear a mask for me, but it's my responsibility to wear the mask. If I'm wearing a mask and masks work, you have no need to wear one since I'm already protected. 2. As in number one, if they're wearing masks, they're protected if masks work. 3. I respect your opinion on that and have no qualms about it. I just don't think it works as well as some people want to believe. Just today the CDC reversed it's stance on how covid is spread. They say now that what they said before was a complete mistake (6 month long mistake) that should have never been used as a guideline. Some things are even more clear cut for me like helmet laws. Helmets are obviously the smart way to go and I wear mine. But there's been a few times when I'm taking a quick run to the bank or just a quick jaunt and want the air in my face. I should have the right to do that (and I do in Ohio).
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/09/21/health/cdc-reverts-airborne-transmission-guidance/index.html
  13. Serious questions: -If masks work so well, why do I have to wear one if the other person is wearing one? They're protected from my masklessness if they're wearing one. -If masks work so well, why do we have social distancing mandates or any other mandates? Wear a mask and you're protected.zzzz No mention of any "free thinking", civil rights, legality, heard immunity, mortality rates or anything else. Just two simple common sense questions about masks. I'm not even asking for evidence to back up your claims because what I really want is a logical and rational explanation for why I should be forced to do something that is otherwise legal to not do and makes no sense to me. Because I really believe that 99% of the masks (really more face coverings than masks) are worthless. I would also appreciate civility and leaving out name calling. I feel like if you want to wear a mask that is fine and dandy. But I should not be forced or shamed into wearing one either, especially if you're wearing one and protected.
  14. You think I'ma piece of shit...I think you're a sheep that's had a lobotomy. Shuttering an entire nation's economy over something that has such a low mortality rate while ignoring other things with higher mortality rates makes no sense. Like protecting the obese guy with hardened arteries that won't help or protect himself.
  15. Because people who are obese, have diabetes, cystic fibrosis, congenital heart disease, cancer, etc... get covid which pushes them over the rainbow bridge. Covid will be listed as what killed them. Not the fact that every time they walk past a graveyard people chase them with shovels. Nope, covid killed them. Now they were able to keep hanging on because most other things that would have pushed them over the edge were known and they were able to stay away from them. But an otherwise non-fatal disease killed them because they were pretty close to dead anyways. Now if a common cold pushed them over the edge, typically a medical examiner would list complications from ..... and all the underlying symptoms would be listed. Now, it's just covid. In most jurisdictions, medical examiners have the final say on what the cause of death is. If the ER doc says you died from a being choked to death, the medical examiner can change it to covid...like George Floyd. No one knew he had covid until after he was dead, so it was likely a very insignificant contributory factor in his death. A more likely contributing factor would have been the drugs in his system. But this method of listing a cause of death, and the inconsistencies of it, lead to all the disbelief by the non-sheep types. People don't wear masks because they're afraid of covid. They wear masks because they're afraid of the government. If they were really afraid of covid, they wouldn't leave their house.
  16. Had this been handled like SARS/Bird Flu/Ebola, where we all lived with no restrictions, it would have been much better. But democrats can't let a crisis go to waste and will do anything to promote their agenda. Now when a viable vaccine is produced, many people will not get it due to the distrust they have for the people driving this pandemonium....er...pandemic.
  17. Most of the US deaths are from NY, a dumbocrat run state and city. Most cases period are from dumbocrat run cities. Trump was one of the first to call for travel bans from countries like China, before Fauci even recommended it. But nice try.
  18. Government is lying to people about covid. It's not as deadly as you think.
  19. https://wcyb.com/news/tennessee-news/covid-19-emails-from-nashville-mayors-office-show-disturbing-revelation?fbclid=IwAR24yeWRxCna8jx-FuYvBP7TcOX5EY0Ji47OOYHzpMtfpLOqKUgCkvjGPBs
  20. That would be great. I'll PM you my cell. I don't have any plans this weekend that I couldn't meet you around.
  21. IIRC, the ENVO N95 can present a 100% seal. Those and all the way up to a hazmat suit. EDIT ON MASKS: Removing and disposing of a mask is more dangerous from a virology stand point than just wearing it around. It's the same for any contamination protections. And if someone spits in your face (or blows droplets in your face) the virus will enter via your eyes which renders the mask useless. But again, if the mask were effective, we wouldn't need social distancing or restrictions/closings for businesses. I'm not the one moving goal posts. Your closure list can be found here: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/responsible-restart-ohio/continued-business-closures/continued-business-closures Older adult day care services and senior centers. (Will be permitted to open Sept. 21.) Adult day support or vocational habilitation services in congregate settings. (A congregate setting is defined as a single location where more than 10 people are present in confined space.) Rooming and boarding houses, and workers’ camps. Certain entertainment/recreation sites. Includes: Auditoriums, stadiums, arenas. Performance theatres and indoor concert and music halls. Parades, fairs, festivals, and carnivals. (Junior fair activities at county fairs are permitted with 10 p.m. curfew.) Certain spectator sports, sports tournaments, and organized recreational sports leagues. (Skills training, practice, and scrimmages for all sports is permitted. Non-contact and limited-contact sports are permitted. Batting cages, bowling alleys, tennis facilities, and golf courses are permitted to open.) Some public and private pools. (Public pools and club pools regulated by local health departments are permitted to open. Use of swimming pools for single households also is permitted.) I've looked up the numbers and have provided several sources. All I've gotten in return is chest beating egos and irrational backtracking. Right "broseph"?
  22. You're wrong, there are masks that are 100% sealed. Certainly not the bandannas that most people wear which are more detrimental than helpful. FACT All businesses in Ohio have restrictions. Many states still have "non-essential" businesses closed. My numbers are from the CDC. You know...that scientific government organization. 40% asymptomatic (and .026% mortality rate) means it's not something worth trying to make activities that are otherwise legal, illegal. From the CDC again..... 34 percent of premature deaths from heart diseases, prolonging about 92,000 lives Heart disease risks include tobacco use, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, poor diet, overweight, and lack of physical activity. 21 percent of premature cancer deaths, prolonging about 84,500 lives Cancer risks include tobacco use, poor diet, lack of physical activity, overweight, sun exposure, certain hormones, alcohol, some viruses and bacteria, ionizing radiation, and certain chemicals and other substances. 39 percent of premature deaths from chronic lower respiratory diseases, prolonging about 29,000 lives Chronic respiratory disease risks include tobacco smoke, second-hand smoke exposure, other indoor air pollutants, outdoor air pollutants, allergens, and exposure to occupational agents. 33 percent of premature stroke deaths, prolonging about 17,000 lives Stroke risks include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, overweight, previous stroke, tobacco use, alcohol use, and lack of physical activity. 39 percent of premature deaths from unintentional injuries, prolonging about 37,000 lives Unintentional injury risks include lack of seatbelt use, lack of motorcycle helmet use, unsafe consumer products, drug and alcohol use (including prescription drug misuse), exposure to occupational hazards, and unsafe home and community environments.
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