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  1. CJ74U2NV

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    I'm quoting Dr Martin Dubravec who is a Allergist/Clinical Immunologist and Allergy and Asthma Specialists of Cadillac, MI . I'm not correcting anything. Saying Acton is a scientist and a doctor so she's right is like saying an orthopedic surgeon is qualified to pull teeth like an oral surgeon. Orthopedic can't even clean teeth like a dental hygienist but the "Dr" title sounds good in news bites.
  2. CJ74U2NV

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Excellent come back. Full of verifiable stats and data.
  3. CJ74U2NV

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    People who are infected with COVID19 and survive (97-98 percent by current stats) are immune and their bodies kill the virus. That's a fact. Do you know that most children have mild to no symptoms from COVID19? That's a fact. So why close schools to when kids will then essentially become virus killers. You'll say "they'll bring it home to sickly grandma who will die" but that can happen next month as well because the kids haven't been exposed yet to build immunity. All the spring breakers that caught it this year are examples. If any of them died, I'm certain the media would have been all over it. Now those kid's bodies will destroy the virus if they get it again. Average annual US deaths from: Heart Disease: 647,000 Cancer: 558,000 Drug Overdoses in the US: 70,000 Estimated common flu SO FAR this year: 29,000 Estimated common flu for the whole year: 59,000 Estimated from pneumonia this year: 49,000 Estimated from auto accidents this year: 33,000 Total US COVID-19 deaths as of April 5: 9,528 People say "if it saves just one life"........ Death is tragic, death is sad and many times death could have been prevented. But death is the inevitable end of every life. It happens every day on much larger scales yet we ignore it or grieve it and move on. We don't shut down entire economies over it. This is scare driven by the media. Why are people hoarding? Because it's in the media. We hear about every obscure c-list celebrity that has died from complications to COVID19. We never hear about the 98% that survive, many with little to no symptoms. People get the sniffles and rush to be put on ventilators that they don't need. Hospitals can't handle the demand (for profit hospitals are more concerned with making a buck anyways but that's another story). Common sense has completely left the building.
  4. CJ74U2NV

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    I'm not sure you read it thoroughly. American company makes medical masks. American made masks cost more due to wages and regulatory costs. Hospitals like to buy Chinese masks because they're cheap. Slave labor and communist government subsidies do that. H1N1 drives demand sky high. American company ramps up production very quickly to make masks because American hospitals promise to keep buying them from American company. After H1N1 subsides, American hospitals renege and only buy from cheap suppliers like Chinese. American company gets to lay off workers from two shifts and now has to pay unemployment cost because of broken promises. American company is tired of getting screwed over by American hospitals and basically says "I want a contract or you can pound sand". Now hospitals are pounding sand.
  5. CJ74U2NV

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

  6. CJ74U2NV

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

  7. https://www.legalreader.com/investigation-goodyear-dunlop-d402-motorcycle-accidents/?fbclid=IwAR2SnBwwv6X6GIfCFYwhWqRphLNQpuPZ-WaVdqdFX6JiB3ttQI_WK9AvVvc
  8. CJ74U2NV

    Any lawyers present?

    The end result is going to depend on the details of the contract you signed. If the contract specifies dates of completion and remedies for failure to abide, you have a case. Otherwise, you're gonna lose money. As others have suggested, get an attorney. And as I'll suggest, next time you enter into a contract for a large amount like this on an important project, have an attorney advise you on it before you sign it. Always ask "What if" to every clause in the contract. I've been fawked over before so I feel your pain and have learned the same lessons the hard way. Unless you can prove fraud, this will remain a civil case, not a criminal case.
  9. CJ74U2NV

    Tire Recall

    If this is the wrong sub, feel free to move it or just deal with it. But if you're riding these Cooper made tires, click on the link. https://www.avontyres.com/en-us/policies/cobra-chrome-tyre-recall/
  10. 4-pack of Monster Ultra Zero and some belly button lint.
  11. I'll sell you this one for $14.98 then. 👍
  12. Not the actual mag I'm selling but identical. Located in Massillon. Make me an offer I can't refuse. Will trade for Monster Ultra-Zero. cj74u2nv@yahoo.com
  13. I will be living in Belize within the next 7 years.
  14. CJ74U2NV

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    Perhaps I'll see you in Columbus tomorrow?