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  1. You talk a talk, but would never walk the walk. You probably have to sit down to piss. You mom is still a whore.
  2. I'm not playing games. You're the one that can't leave others alone and mind your own business. You're good at hiding behind a keyboard. Your mom's good at rim jobs.
  3. I tell you what I'm willing to do. I'll meet you to swap pics of your mom sucking my dick for your phone.
  4. Those are your mom's finger prints from the lube she used to give me a hand job. She charged less than you want for your phone.
  5. Here's a list of phones no longer usable on verizon network. The G 900 (S5) is not on the list. I don't know WTF you did but it honestly pisses me off when someone jumps in and spouts off bullshit knocking my for sale post when you have no idea what you're talking about. Don't accuse me of selling a fucking bricked phone. https://www.verizon.com/support/no-longer-supported-samsung-devices/?adobe_mc=MCMID%3D60052870512979118710558970369419748123|MCORGID%3D843F02BE53271A1A0A490D4C%40AdobeOrg|TS%3D1608521903&mboxSession=09f945c7499541948f788d174b69ac20
  6. I just had this one activated 2 months ago and switched to Mint a month later. They still sell the S5 and support it. I only switched to Mint for the price and because I don't like Verizon customer service. This phone is definitely not a brick. But thanks for bullocksing my for sale post with something that does not apply to this phone.
  7. I just had this one activated 2 months ago.
  8. I have a LG K20 that was rooted and Lineage OS installed. Bootloader is still unlocked. It is a Metro PCS phone and must be used with Metro PCS unless you can get the unlock code from Metro PCS. $50 I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with otterbox case for $70 It's a verizon phone and unless you know how to unlock it, you'll have to use it on verizon's network. In the Akron/Canton area.
  9. Only a few months and it would have been a 10 year resurrection.
  10. Rusted drum brakes suck to repair Nuff said.
  11. Very much NSFW https://boobychristmas.com/
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