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  1. The Ninja 300 is a blast on the track. I've brought mine to Palmer Motorsports for a total of 5 days, and there were several of them sprinkled throughout the different groups. As long as your fiance stays predictable, faster riders will have no problem passing her safely.
  2. her thoughts on that would be different than you or I, she is quite a bit taller than we are.
  3. A track friend of mine went from a 696 monster to a track ready 650. She loved it, but found it a bit heavy. She tracked it for the last 3 seasons, but just recently bought a 400 for the track and gave the 650 to her boyfriend. I won't see her till Palmer in August (if everything is back to normal by then), but I can get her opinions on it for you if she manages to make it out earlier than that. As long as the tracks are open, she will.
  4. Thank you for looking, but anything over an EU 40 would be too big for me.
  5. What size are those RST boots?
  6. I asked Todd this morning because I was curious. Some of the Heroic stuff is made in their shop in New York (like the hoodies), and they make some stuff in Pakistan. They've been in production there since 2006. I know several people that have Heroic gear and love it. From the hoodies, to the gloves, to the race suits. I plan on buying a hoodie eventually, as I tried one on at the Progressive show this year and really liked it. I also have it in the works to get custom gloves from him. IMO, Heroic is not in the same category as the shit gear companies based in Pakistan that can't even speak English correctly on their websites, and sell low quality "custom" suits for $300.
  7. You should definitely check out RidersDiscount. I scored my RST Pro Series CPX-C II from them for only $399.
  8. This could help or hurt us. While it shows that the wind can cause hearing damage even at low speeds, the Dr also states that he is against ear plugs. "It's not a good idea to wear ear plugs when you ride - you can't be aware of your surroundings." Those of us that do wear ear plugs know that statement to be false. My Pinlock plugs block out a nice amount of noise while riding, but I can still hear what else is going on around me.
  9. I've been wondering about this for a bit. Something hasn't seemed right. All we are asking for is earplugs for hearing protection, yet the wording of the bills keep getting changed from "earplugs" to "earplugs and earphones for music." I still wear my earplugs. Frickin wind is loud.
  10. I just got off the phone with Michelle at Motorcycle Ohio. After my experience in 2 classes to try to get my endorsement (BRS in July, RR at the end of September), I floated the idea of having a class for riders like me with group anxiety or other possible issues that might need a certain coaching style, smaller group size, etc. That idea was given to me by a client of mine, who said a soccer club was set up in her area for kids with the same types of issues, and it has had huge success. Ken Brown, the coordinator for the Hudson High School site, is willing to set aside a class next season if I can get people together to do it. He would be the coach, and it would be a class to get a motorcycle endorsement. My guess is that it would most likely be the Returning Rider course. I would need around 5 or 6 riders (no more than that) to be willing to sign up for something like this for them to do it. They are going to see about setting something up in the future that they can advertise on social media, see what kind of response they get. Does anyone here know a rider that would benefit from this? I told Michelle that I would see who I could find, since I personally don't know anybody at the moment. It might be too late for me. I most likely will just have to wait until next season and take the test at the BMV. However, they are willing to give this a go if I can find a few others that would like to do it.
  11. You could try putting claw caps on her. That is, if you really don't want to give her away.
  12. Koala

    Hi :)

    thanks! I did that this morning. Had a good time. Met up with a member from here and went out to the CVNP for a bit.
  13. Koala

    Maid Service

    The majority of applications I receive are from people that are making less than that. I don't make much more for being a manager. The only reason managers are able to live on the money from this company is because we get more hours. More hours cleaning, hours in the office taking care of paperwork, etc. If it was up to me the pay would be more, but as I've told people before, I've worked a hell of a lot harder for a hell of a lot less. It's a great job for someone that likes physical work and dealing with people. I wouldn't expect someone to be able to support a family off of it, but not everyone looking for a job is in that situation. The main roadblock for people seems to be the background and license check. I can't hire a person that the insurance company won't cover.
  14. Koala

    Maid Service

    Hey, I didn't sign up here just to post this.I found out about this forum from a member. I love my new bike, it's my first and I'm learning how to ride it. Pretty much what I put in my intro. I just happened to notice this part of the forum and thought "what the hell." The pay is in line with other cleaning companies for the area. The ones that pay $1 more per hour require you to use your own car and only pay 10 cents per mile. You don't get an hourly wage for driving either. So, it's a toss up. Interested or not, it's not a big deal to me. I make my money either way. If this forum doesn't want people posting jobs, then there shouldn't be a spot for it.
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