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  1. This email was sent earlier this evening Just a reminder that there is NO PTR on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 (tomorrow)! We canceled it last week after learning that IndyCar would be here this weekend and we has safety concerns due to the excessive amount of rubber that would be left on the track. Tonight (yes, I know it is Sunday) is the first chance I've had to look at my email since Wednesday. Many of you have sent emails requesting to be added to rosters using gift certificates. I hope to get through the requests in the next day or two. Sometime Wednesday will be decision day for Friday's PTR and we'll need to decide before the end of day Thursday whether to run the rest of the weekend. If you are planning to ride on any of the days remaining this year, please register! I will no longer try to guess which day or days are 'safer' as I feel it discourages riders from signing up for the other days. The remaining dates are: Fri Sept 18 (2:30-8) Sat Sept 19 (2:30-8) Sun Sept 20 (2:30-8) Mon October 5 (12-6) Tues Oct 6 - Appreciation Day (more info to follow) Mon Oct 12 (12-6) Full day gift certificates can be used for any of these dates (no refund/credit for any price difference). Twilight gift certificates can be used plus $10 for the upgrade. Thank you. Gwen Duffy Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course The Mid-Ohio School 419-884-4000 ext 3004
  2. No idea.. I think @TimTheAzn mentioned something a while back. Maybe he knows...
  3. I reached out to a photographer interested in coming Saturday. Anyone have any better options or suggestions? Below is what he sent me: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Sat Sep 19th between 2:30 and 8pm All high resolution images of you If you book just for yourselfThree hours its $525 ($175hr)two photographers includes travelTwo hours $450 two photographers includes travel1 hour $350 two photographers includes travelIf you can get three of you (you and two friends) to pay for picturesfor three hours we can do$250 three hours included- per person Total $750
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