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  1. BTWay99

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    Where do you typically ride?
  2. BTWay99

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    I'm in the Ashland/ Wooster area
  3. BTWay99

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    Thank you! I also forgot to mention how I grew up riding dirt bikes and I currently have a 2000 Yamaha YZ125.
  4. BTWay99

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    Hello all! I just got an R6 a couple months ago. I was recently on the R6 forum (which I'm a member of also, if you're on check out my posts) and read about this one so I figured I'd join. I have wanted a sport bike for years and I finally got one! The problem is I don't really know anyone else that rides so that's why I'm here! Let me know if interested! Also I'm interested in any meets or shows. Thanks!