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  1. Took a little 300 mile ride today around the SE 1/4 of Ohio. On a short stretch designated SR 342 between SR 800 and SR 258, we ran on to a car vs. 2 motorcycles crash. If this was you or friends of yours, I hope everyone comes out of it OK. The car was on it's side and the 2 big cruisers looked bad, and there was a life flight chopper incoming when we were through there. Everyone please be attentive and ride safe.
  2. Myk88

    Hey Tpoppa

    jacobhawkins, it's good to see Isabella still goin strong!
  3. Myk88

    Hey Tpoppa

    Here's the ol' GSXR. Dang that thing was FAST!
  4. Myk88

    Hey Tpoppa

    I saw somewhere on here you mentioned CORE. I was a member there for a while long ago. I was wondering if you know what ever happened to Bill/Bambam? He and I took an insane blast down 26 to Marietta then back up 145 one spring day years ago when I burned the chicken strips off the new Metzelers on my GSXR at 155 mph on 26. Is CORE gone and done for?
  5. Myk88

    Request for Road Reports

    As a resident of Woodsfield, I keep an eye on most of the good ones near me. 536 has reopened for now. 255 is still closed. 537 closed. 26 from Marietta to SR 800 is open with a couple of red lights at one lane closed construction areas. Same with 26 from Woodsfield to 148, and 26 from 148 to Bethesda. 260 is good to go from Rt7 in Matamoras to SR 78 afaik. Rode it last week from Matamoras to SR 145. Speaking of 145, it is open from Marietta to Beallsville with a little new pavement for a few miles. SR 339 is clear from Belpre to Caldwell. 821 is good from Marietta to Caldwell as well. It may still be closed North of Caldwell. I have not been over by Senecaville lake in a couple weeks and the last time I was the road down the West side of the Lake was closed in the loop. Hope this helps!
  6. Got out Sunday to put a few miles on the Honda. Rode 800 Woodsfield to Barnesville then 147 to Belmont and picked up 149. Rode that all the way to Bellaire. 149 is a nice country ride, but honestly not overly twisty. There were a couple of spots but it was primarily fast sweeping turns and long straights. Grabbed a bite in Bellaire then wanted to hit 147 back to Belmont, but 147 is closed right out of Bellaire at the moment. Slabbed it down past Shadyside on Rt. 7 and hit Pipe Creek road, which was narrowish but very twisty and satisfying. About 7 or 8 miles later, I was on 147 headed back to Belmont. 147 was also nice and twisty and fun except for a couple of red light/one lane construction areas, and a run-in with a suicidal groundhog who bounced off my left heel, then my back tire. All in all a fairly good ride already, So for the trip back I came back through Barnesville and took 800 to 148/Captina Creek Rd. then up 26 north through New Castle (Awesome curves), then continued up 26 through Jerusalem back to Woodsfield. One more red light construction spot just a couple miles out of Woodsfield here also.
  7. Myk88

    536 closing July 9th (30 days)

    536 has opened again, but for how long? There are still 3 red light/one lane spots and at least 3 more spots falling over the hill, but for now it is passable all the way from 78 to Hannibal. If you run it, be aware there is a LOT of gravel on the road and a couple spots where big holes are filled with slag. I am experimenting with a camera on the bike so I may have video the next time down that way. Got the right peg on the ground again tonight. Shadows just don't have a very steep cornering angle
  8. Myk88

    Charity Ride, Raffle, Benifit for a little girl 9/29

    Tickets purchased and ride penciled in on the calendar!
  9. Myk88

    SE Ohio ride 7.28.2018

    If we did pass, I waved!
  10. I took a little 267 mile ride on the Shadow today. We started out in Woodsfield and headed West on SR 78. Stopped in Caldwell for some breakfast and continued out 78 to McConnellsvile. We continued on 78 just outside of McConnellsville to a left on SR 377. Be careful here, as the left is at the top of a blind hill. Took 377 all the way to the end at Sharpsburg on SR550. I must say, 377 was awesome. a few series of twisties and the rest was almost constant fast sweepers. From there we continued on 550 to Athens. 550 is newly paved from Sharpsburg almost to Athens. Then it was off to SR 56 all the way to Hocking Hills State Park area. Turned up 374 out to 664 (left) then back to 56 (left) then left again back across 374 to 664 (right) then to Logan. Gassed up in Logan and headed up 93 to New Lexington. From there we shot across Tunnel Hill road to 669, and followed that all the way back to Malta/McConnellsville again, then 78 back to Woodsfield. All in all a great ride. HHSP was packed with tourists of course, but most of the roads elsewhere were sparse traffic and great pavement.
  11. Myk88

    My new screen name

    Chet Manley
  12. Myk88

    New-Old Ohio Rider

    I am from Monroe County, so I got all the good roads here! Hi Y'all!
  13. Myk88

    536 closing July 9th (30 days)

    Unfortunately they had just reopened 536 from fixing a big slip on the south end when the rest of the road decided to wash over the hills. Looks like 255 is currently closed for similar repairs as well.