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  1. Pavel Boro

    Checking in

    no, just related information about cracking the throttle. I just got new tires, so i dont care about tires for my bike anymore. Did my research and picked the tires best suited for my riding
  2. Pavel Boro

    Checking in

    Thanks guys! Chris, I was in Corpus working on base. Visited Dallas, Houston, Austin (several times, including MotoGP), SA. I'd love to live in Austin but got a good job in Columbus. The reason I got FZ-10 is because it's upright sitting position, has all the goodies like ABS, traction control and cruise control. Strangely enough factory tires didn't last 6K miles, now i got RoadSmart3 and they are not so sticky but hopefully will last longer, that's referring to "crack the throttle". Old tires used to grab and wheelie, but new ones just spin and bike flashing traction control light. Overall i'm really happy with this bike and looking forward to bike meets before the season is over
  3. Pavel Boro

    Checking in

    Hello, Recently moved here from Texas. New rider, bought fz-10 for Christmas and still learning how to ride.