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  1. Rick, doesn't it all boil down to relative risk? If the only criteria on which to base your decision is the ODH daily statistics, you are most likely going to be safe--at this point. Respectfully, I ask why take an added risk? And why risk the health of others? You have no idea if you are shedding the virus asymptomatically. Why not hedge your bets? As a teacher, you are a role model. And I don't see your (or ANY) school districts waiving the option of masking up around students, so you will eventually have to wear a mask, at least at work. May as well get used to it.
  2. Might be more federal "gift" checks coming that would help cover property taxes, but we went ahead and paid ours.
  3. This is the same way we treat disobedient children. If you are too careless or immature to follow directions, add a consequence. This whole COVID thing has revealed a lot about how too many people couldn't care less about either themselves or others. It's really disappointing--and it's not only the masking-up thing. The embarrassingly bad public behavior of the many "Karens" is just another example.
  4. Jim, I totally agree with your assessment of the situation. Not going to go into a lengthy explanation of why. I just do--for OBVIOUS reasons. The younger among us may be incapable of understanding our shared position on this.
  5. IMO, the best solution to avoid getting COVID is to distance one's self from EVERYONE, wear a mask when it becomes necessary to go out, and not engage in any conversation with others. Get in, get it, and go home--then wash yer hands. Same as it always was when this bullshit started months ago. Those who "don't do the right thing" are setting us back big time, but there's not much we can do about that except stay home and hope that the insanity blows over.
  6. They are indeed. This is a classic case of delayed gratification/denial on a grand scale. Even some people in my town who appear to be my age (64) or older are not adhering to the common sense protocols we all have been bombarded with daily. However, I refuse to engage offenders who are not masking-up. Fuck them.
  7. Most dentists are having patients wait out in the parking lot until they are called in. The last place I would ever be for any length of time is in a waiting room.
  8. I will write back when I stop laughing--which may be never.
  9. It's none of my business, but I certainly hope the word *punch* does not describe a part of your sexual repertoire. Fuck it--to each his own 🤪 Never mind . . .
  10. I have written MANY letters of rec for students over the years, but one request stands out from the rest. I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Back in 2014, I had a white female student I'll call "Beth," who was coddled by her mother to the point where the student simply told her mom one day that she no longer desired to go to school (Beth was smart but lazy, and didn't participate in class or finish most of her assigned work.) Her parents were extremely wealthy. Beth was an equestrian, and her parents gave her everything she needed for her hobby: a few horses, trailer with a large SUV to haul her to various competitions around the country, riding lessons at a local equestrian center, etc. Mom was *down* with Beth's inane request to quit school, and she and her husband met with the principal to secure a home instructor. I was called to participate in this very heated meeting, which devolved into a screaming match between members of the admin and Beth's parents. In the end, the parents won, and Beth was basically home schooled by tutors from the district--each one was paid $36/hour, so this student cost the district many tens of thousands of dollars. Curious about her progress after her senior year had ended, I Googled Beth's name. Turns out she was in prison for her role in burning down the equestrian center where she received her riding lessons after the owner caught her and a couple of her friends smoking dope in a horse stall that summer and told Beth's parents about it. She also stole cash and equipment from the business before torching it. Animals died in the blaze, and the family who owned the business lost approximately $10,000 per month in income until the structure could be rebuilt. In August of 2015, Beth's mom emailed me asking for a letter of rec for her daughter, who was interested in attending classes at Cleveland State the next year. Mom had no idea that I knew about her daughter's arson conviction, and of course, never mentioned it in the email. I never wrote back. I have bent over backwards to be fair and non-judgmental with all the thousands of students I have taught over the years, and was especially proud to learn of the successes of those whose circumstances presented what most of us would consider to be major impediments, including poverty, racial inequality issues, etc.
  11. Ha! Jen, I agree, and all this "reform" may just do exactly what you are suggesting, i.e., level the playing field--for ALL of us. If black, white, yellow, and brown lives all matter, we are all equal, and none of us should receive preferential treatment, right?????? Great post, and I hope what you wrote comes to pass.
  12. You raise a very good point. I was just thinking that maybe chocolate Easter bunnies might have to go--I dunno, it just makes me feel squeemish and evil for some reason to give these out to little kids, thus perpetuating the problem--and the word "dark" should prolly be stricken from all chocolate candy wrappers.
  13. The reality is still crystal clear: don't be dumb. Adhere to the protocols the experts tell us to follow. They have no agenda which would suppress commerce or personal freedom. Don't fall victim to those who assert that wearing or not wearing a mask is somehow a political statement. This isn't a "forever" thing; Dr. Fauci is a straight-shooter, and I follow what he advises the public to do in order to avoid sickness and death from COVID.
  14. I think the medical/scientific communities are now gaining and will, in the immediate future, continue to acquire LOTS of knowledge about all this as the weeks and months unfold--especially from what happens when schools resume in whatever permutation each individual district decides to take nationwide.
  15. I can't explain why, but I really like this.
  16. 1) Most of us are not doctors. 2) All of us can choose to use/not use masks, socially distance, etc. 3) Those of us who become infected with COVID will likely not know where or from whom we got it. 4) If you respect others, you should acknowledge the current medical protocols and do your best not to take actions that will exacerbate the problem. Simple dimple. I don't go out much these days, but when I do I always mask up and ensure that I am AT LEAST 8 feet away from others, masked or unmasked. I control my temper--even after waiting to get into the Key Bank branch for an appointment and being sneezed on--twice--by some asshole behind me in the enclosed vestibule who could have simply opened the door and sneezed outside instead. Just put sartorial matters aside and bend a bit. It's not forever.
  17. Masking-up is a medically proven way to reduce the spread of the virus. NOBODY enjoys wearing a mask, but it's just something we should all do for the time being. I am not a doctor, but will follow the directives/suggestions of those who are much smarter than me about this until given a sustained "all clear" by those whose job is to keep the public safe.
  18. . . . and should not be worn or not worn according to one's political leanings, either.
  19. Wahoo, I'd rather have a sub any day rather than an uncooked pizza. WTF?
  20. I think you're just being kind. I've never heard of whatever it is. Why would you leave the cheese uncooked? That just sounds very odd however , given the location of the restaurant, it makes total sense. Fuckin 'billies.
  21. Is it a sub or a (cold) pizza? Most of the food pictures you've posted have been wonderful, but I don't know what the hell this thing is. I sure AF wouldn't have eaten it. It looks like a frozen Stouffer's Pizza.
  22. The cheese isn't even melted.
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