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  1. SpecialEd

    ATV Repair Shop Recommendations

    From my (recent) experience with my brother's late model HD, you'll likely wait longer for the job to be completed at a local shop, and the hourly rate will be similar to that of a dealership. Have you looked at YouTube videos? The repair you describe should be relatively simple to fix as there is little in the way of diagnostics, e.g., the problem is pretty straightforward--and common to vehicles with small engines. I would check online to ascertain whether the part or parts needed for the repair are available, and set aside some time (your time costs you nothing) to make the repair. Additionally, you may want to check out the following sites: lilhonda.com, and planetminis.com. Both deal extensively with ATVs and minibikes; there are MANY experienced hobbyists willing to help with technical issues. Hope this helps . . .
  2. SpecialEd

    ATV Repair Shop Recommendations

    Why not take it to a dealership? What brand is it?
  3. "The writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads." --Dr. Seuss
  4. "Forewarned is forearmed." --Latin proverb
  5. Yeah, what he said. Stick it up yer ass, Tonik! Ha. Ha.
  6. SpecialEd

    Sudden Power Failure

    This happens with my John Deere tractor quite frequently, to the point where when I'm done mowing and shut off the ignition, I'm actually surprised when it doesn't backfire *loudly* a few moments later. We are taking Steve's bike up to the Mentor HD dealer tomorrow morning. I will be sure to post what their mech says was wrong with it after we get it back.
  7. SpecialEd

    Bad Samaritans

    There's a special place in hell for these two idiots. https://fox8.com/2019/07/13/suspected-thieves-steal-wallet-from-injured-motorcyclists-use-credit-cards-to-go-shopping/
  8. SpecialEd

    Sudden Power Failure

    BTW, doesn't excessive backfiring indicate that the bike is running very lean fuel-wise? I seem to remember that this causes heat damage to the pistons, rings, and connecting rods.
  9. SpecialEd

    Sudden Power Failure

    My brother Steve has the bike back for now, but reported that though it ran okay for a while it backfired a lot on his way home from the shop (about 5 miles away) and then began acting up again. It's still not running right; apparently all the mech did was load it up with sea foam and tell him to ride it to clear possible fuel obstructions--at least that's what Steve told me they did. This seems rather unethical on the mech's part; I'll forward all your advice to him and try to get up there to help with diagnosing this, or simply suggest he ride it over to the nearest HD dealer, which he probably shoulda done in the first place. Thanks for your help, guys.
  10. SpecialEd

    Sudden Power Failure

    Hey, y'all-- My brother's six-year-old Harley ElectraGlide suddenly lost power during a recent ride. I followed him in my car as he rode it up to a local repair shop, and the exhaust reeked of unburnt fuel. The bike struggled to climb even modest grades in the roads, requiring him to downshift into a lower gear. The exhaust note sounded very "tinny." The shop recommended that he run sea foam thru it in order to clear any possible gunk from the injection ports. Does this sound legit??? Any diagnostic opinions welcome.
  11. SpecialEd

    Ohio/kentucky camping recommendations

    Wife and I have camped often at Salt Fork and Mohican state parks. Nice, secluded sites, plenty to do nearby. There's great kayaking on the Mohican River in Loudonville, and lots of great places to eat nearby. The roads are in pristine conditions if you choose to ride to either one of these parks.
  12. SpecialEd

    Lettuce discuss washing

    Careful! This topic is what started the fracas earlier in this thread 😅
  13. SpecialEd

    Lettuce discuss washing

    I'm sure Sam can help you with this. Be patient, it shouldn't be long now . . .