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  1. SpecialEd

    3d printed bike

    Is this thing street legal?
  2. SpecialEd

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    If we ever get universal health care, there will be a mass exodus from crappy retail and factory jobs. Too many folks are bound to jobs they dislike (but offer health care coverage) because they can't afford ACA policies. I'm nearing the end of my job as a high school teacher, and feel for all those stuck paying several thousand dollars per month to cover spouses and kids. Medicare will only cost me about $200/month!
  3. SpecialEd

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    Tony, I'm certain many of us would enjoy hearing the details about how that day unfolded for you. Please give us a synopsis. Virtually all of us have, at some point, dreamed about doing what you did! My turn comes in February . . . Merry Christmas to all.
  4. SpecialEd

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    Life is way too short to work a job you don't like. After working 39 years I found my dream job, and am leaving my current workplace this coming March 3rd after only 18 months. Great pay and benefits where I am now but, as you say, it's pretty much a shit show also--no satisfaction and no fun at all. Congrats to you, Tony, for being true to yourself.
  5. SpecialEd

    Random Thoughts thread

    What kind of job is there that would even accommodate this? Some sort of supervisory position, no doubt 😆
  6. SpecialEd

    Random Thoughts thread

    How annoying. Nobody has said anything to her about this?
  7. SpecialEd

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Anything new with this proposal?
  8. SpecialEd

    When will the hypocrites in Columbus...

    Well said, Tpoppa, well said 😆
  9. SpecialEd

    What's up?

    So, Cody, what is your current ride?
  10. SpecialEd

    Fatal bike accident in Stark County, August 24th

    Though few of us enjoy reading posts such as these, the message is clear. We face cagers who are texting, overdosing on opioids and God knows what else, driving drunk, etc. Don't fall victim to overconfidence. Stay aware of your surroundings and, as my driver's Ed instructor told me nearly 45 years ago, always leave yourself an "out."
  11. "If ya always do what ya always done ya always get what ya always got."

  12. 2 September, 2018 Unbeknownst to me on this quiescent day that I spent reading on our deck, I learned from a co-worker that Dan, my old boss from an old job, was out riding his trike along with his brothers, mom, and his 64-year-old dad, who were all aboard their motos on Mumford road in Hiram, Ohio sometime in the afternoon. Dan’s mom was on the pillion of his trike. Just west of state route 88, Dan’s dad apparently decided to hot dog it, accelerating from his position at the back of the group and passing everyone on a 1,500cc Yamaha cruiser as he headed into a gradual right turn. He apparently miscalculated his ability to negotiate the bend in the road, locked up the brakes, and then high-sided when the rear tire regained traction with the road, the bike following his body’s airborne trajectory and slamming him against a large tree, crushing him to death and causing the tree to snap and fall on his (likely, at this point) mangled corpse. To further ensure his dad’s demise, the destroyed Yamaha immediately burst into flames. This, in front of the man’s entire family, will be their last memory of his existence . . . The funeral is this coming Thursday. Please be careful, guys and gals! Ride within your respective abilities and NEVER take stupid chances . . .
  13. SpecialEd


    The small bike community is growing steadily in the U.S., but we're WAY behind Europe.
  14. SpecialEd


    The Zuma also has about two less horsepower than the Grom, but similar top speed. Great for cruising in a small town. I personally like the styling of the Monkey over the Grom, but I'm old school. Also, a small bike with ABS for $4k? Tough to beat that . . .
  15. SpecialEd


    Jbot, that thing is really going to take off worldwide when it becomes available. Given the nostalgic sentiments of people around my age (62) for the small bikes of their youth, and considering the overall wealth of the Boomer generation, this new Honda will bring smiles of recognition to millions of us and cause us to reach for our check books. One of the biggest reasons I have put so much money into my CT project is because I could never afford one back when I was in high school. The things I like about the Monkey: * ~10 horsepower mill will enable speeds similar to the Grom * 12-inch wheels instead of the 10-inchers standard to the CT * Retro styling that will appeal to young and old *$4,000 price tag I wouldn't want to give up my CTR for a Monkey, though . . . I'm buying back my youth 😆 Yer thoughts . . . ?