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  1. SpecialEd

    Random Thoughts thread

    That ought to do it.
  2. SpecialEd

    35 years ago today.

    This has plagiarism written all over it. A citation is in order, Jim. No way in hell you wrote this yourself. Far too eloquent. Hell, you rarely even punctuate your posts on this forum.
  3. SpecialEd

    Happy birthday to me.

    This is just about enough for an appetizer for Jim "King of Kalorie Konsumption" Kennedy. May I suggest 3 pounds of fries with gravy?
  4. SpecialEd

    Check it out OR!!

    I suspected this all along.
  5. SpecialEd

    Check it out OR!!

    Amen. It's getting worse by the day. Please consider having your head examined. And no, we are not interested in seeing the scans from the examination.
  6. SpecialEd

    Check it out OR!!

    Okay, but the image on the left, which you claim is your bladder, was lifted from a CNN story posted yesterday. It's a photo of Mars. We aren't that dumb.
  7. SpecialEd

    Check it out OR!!

    You eat too much, and most of what you ingest is garbage.
  8. SpecialEd

    Mental Health Weekend

  9. SpecialEd

    First time for everything, right?

    A strong rebuke from a colleague is enough to shut me up. Done.
  10. SpecialEd

    First time for everything, right?

    Answer: none. However, online degrees are often legitimate. Those universities that provide career education are catering to people who are currently employed and need continuing education in order to advance in their career. Just a matter of supply and demand, combined with a course schedule working people can deal with.
  11. SpecialEd

    First time for everything, right?

    There would be nobody attending that ride except you and I; and you would likely bail . . . understandably.
  12. SpecialEd

    First time for everything, right?

    That's sick and inappropriate. Luv it.
  13. SpecialEd

    First time for everything, right?

    Wow. This discussion could go on and on . . . The debate over rate of return vis-a-vis the cost of college has gone viral. Steve, I TOTALLY get what you're saying--you were able to punch the requirement for an MBA without spending $50,000 doing it. There's a lot of merit in your situation! In my estimation, there are many students who should not even go to college. They will end up making substantially more than I did the first few years of my teaching career oh, and will have spent next to nothing on trade school to get there. Butters, you will learn more on the job than you ever would have in a good school pursuing your MBA as a grad student, but your degree got you "in," and that's worth a hell of a lot.
  14. SpecialEd

    First time for everything, right?

    My God, Jim, I'm amazed that you even remember this project! It was promised to me "this summer," but the builder is still "wrapping it up." Many of the parts are JDM, so there is more time involved sourcing them from overseas: swing arm from G' Craft, fenders, oil cooler, aftermarket speedo/tach, etc. Hoping to get some break-in miles on it before the snow flies. Just sent the builder $3k to cover parts--the first payment I have sent him since the project began in 2016. This is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for this bike, but I want it to be perfect. I would love to ride with you guys once it's done--provided the ride is a scenic one and not a 90+ mph romp.
  15. SpecialEd

    First time for everything, right?

    I wish Sam would chime in on this thread. I miss his anger and acerbic, biting commentary. Sometimes Tonik is just not enough . . .