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  1. Yes, the shocks are for the 110. The problem is finding shocks that will fit a 50 year old motorcycle. The ones that came with the bike were beyond crappy-- and so were the front forks. Both of these components are going to be replaced. This bike will primarily be used as a commuter to and from work, and for pleasure riding on secondary roads. No highway riding. At this point, I really don't care about the cost. I just want the project done and done correctly.
  2. Okay, so I have reconnected with my restomod guy after getting my money back and offering to pay for my project when it's done to my satisfaction. He is now recommending Ohlins rear shocks. I have read that these components are revered by the riding communtiy for their quality, so I told him to go ahead with installing them. He has told me that they will run aroud $800 per pair. I don't think this is outrageous, but would welcome any input from y'all.
  3. Funny, but misspelled. Should be hibernate.
  4. Are you talking about the guy in NC who was hit by a Subaru today and killed? Was he a member? The article I read did say he was from Ohio.
  5. Rick, doesn't it all boil down to relative risk? If the only criteria on which to base your decision is the ODH daily statistics, you are most likely going to be safe--at this point. Respectfully, I ask why take an added risk? And why risk the health of others? You have no idea if you are shedding the virus asymptomatically. Why not hedge your bets? As a teacher, you are a role model. And I don't see your (or ANY) school districts waiving the option of masking up around students, so you will eventually have to wear a mask, at least at work. May as well get used to it.
  6. Might be more federal "gift" checks coming that would help cover property taxes, but we went ahead and paid ours.
  7. This is the same way we treat disobedient children. If you are too careless or immature to follow directions, add a consequence. This whole COVID thing has revealed a lot about how too many people couldn't care less about either themselves or others. It's really disappointing--and it's not only the masking-up thing. The embarrassingly bad public behavior of the many "Karens" is just another example.
  8. Jim, I totally agree with your assessment of the situation. Not going to go into a lengthy explanation of why. I just do--for OBVIOUS reasons. The younger among us may be incapable of understanding our shared position on this.
  9. IMO, the best solution to avoid getting COVID is to distance one's self from EVERYONE, wear a mask when it becomes necessary to go out, and not engage in any conversation with others. Get in, get it, and go home--then wash yer hands. Same as it always was when this bullshit started months ago. Those who "don't do the right thing" are setting us back big time, but there's not much we can do about that except stay home and hope that the insanity blows over.
  10. They are indeed. This is a classic case of delayed gratification/denial on a grand scale. Even some people in my town who appear to be my age (64) or older are not adhering to the common sense protocols we all have been bombarded with daily. However, I refuse to engage offenders who are not masking-up. Fuck them.
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