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  1. Jadester16

    Hi from Westerville!!

  2. Jadester16

    Akron RIder

    Welcome. Live just south of you in Dover. A friend of mine and myself are leaving Tues Sept 25 after work and going down to the dragon. We will be coming home Thursday evening. Feel free to join us if you are wanting to go down there again!
  3. Jadester16

    So I did a thing..guess the thing.

    Great choice!
  4. Jadester16


    Howdy! Hit me up sometime. Would love to ride with you!
  5. Jadester16

    Hi there!

    Hello there! Nice bike you have!
  6. Jadester16

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    Hit me up! I'm ready when you are!
  7. Jadester16


    Welcome. Let me know when you come down this way. Have some fun roads for you to try!
  8. Jadester16

    Anyone riding this weekend?

    Enjoyed riding with Skinny guy and NinjaDoc Saturday! Was a perfect day out there! Hope to do it again soon!
  9. Jadester16

    Anyone riding this weekend?

    HI! I have 2, count them, 2 other people going for a ride tomorrow!!! If you want to join in the fun, meet at the SHEETZ gas station in New Philadelphia at 9am this Saturday! Plan on some country curvy roads with minimal straight lines in between! Should be a couple hour ride unless you would like to go further. See you tomorrow!
  10. Jadester16

    Anyone riding this weekend?

    So would you like to have a go? Name the day, time, and place and I should be in! I don't know the Salem area at all, but if there are some good roads around that area or south of you, let's do it.
  11. Jadester16

    Anyone riding this weekend?

    The most fun bike I've ever had! Not the fastest I've had, but that doesn't mean it hasn't given me the biggest smiles!
  12. Jadester16

    Anyone riding this weekend?

    Hi all. Am itching to get in a ride this weekend with some others. Love the SEO area, live near Canton. Love the curvy stuff. Any interest? Get ahold of me.
  13. Jadester16

    Came back...

    Hi. I live in Dover. Close to you. Would love to go for a ride sometime. Hit me up! I love curves, hate highways....
  14. Jadester16

    My ride on Sunday

    Live in Dover, Oh. Started in Sugarcreek, went south on 93. Crossed over onto CR2 (I have never been on that rode, nice and curvy, just the way I like. That took me to 751. They just completely blacktopped it! WOW!!! Fun stuff!. Then jumped onto 36 to get to 258. What a great road! One of my favorites for sure close by. Took it all the way to 800 then came back home. Would highly suggest these roads if you are in the area!
  15. Jadester16

    New member for 2018 - Happy New Year gang

    Hi. I'm new to this so I'm catching up. So sorry read and then hear the recent news. When u need a buddy to rip it up, let me know. I'm there. Love the SEO area!