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  1. The Jake

    Wheel sizing advice

    Never considered a forum just for Virago's, I'll see what's out there. Thanks.
  2. The Jake

    Wheel sizing advice

    Bought a 94 Yamaha Virago, all stock, and would like to make it look like the one posted. This is my first bike and will be doing a little at a time. The tires need replaced immediately but I have no idea how to size the wheels to fit my bike and get the upsized front tire. Thanks for any help, and explain it like I'm stupid, I'm a fireman, not a mechanic.
  3. The Jake

    Checking in...

  4. The Jake

    Checking in...

    I live about 30 miles north of Columbus, bought a 94 Yamaha Virago 535. Not my dream bike but I couldn't turn down the deal and it will get me riding. I really like some of the cafe racer and bobber mods I have seen people do with these bikes and will be forming plans to do something along those lines.
  5. The Jake

    Checking in...

    Jeans,lol, sorry to disappoint
  6. The Jake

    Checking in...

    Hello all, just signed up and excited to share ideas and opinions. Bought my first bike this year from a friend and am looking forward to riding this season. I am also looking forward to doing some modifications this winter and hoping to glean some knowledge from my neighbors, so thanks in advance and have a safe 2018.